‘The Voice’: Nick Jonas and Shakira give new coach Camila Cabello advice (exclusive)

Camila Cabello to replace Kelly Clarkson for season 22 of 'The Voice'

Camila Cabello is the newest coach Sound — NBC announced Sunday that the singer will be stepping in for Kelly Clarkson during Season 22 this fall — but she has plenty of famous friends who have experience in those spinning chairs and can give great advice!

ET spoke with ex sound Coach Nick Jonas and Shakira at NBC Upfronts on Monday, where they were promoting their upcoming competition series, dancing with Myself. The pair had nothing but positives when it came to advice for Cabello—except when it came to one cowboy in particular.

“I would tell him, beware Blake Shelton,” Shakira teased with a laugh.

“Just ignore him like he’s not even there,” agreed Jonas, while Shakira insisted, “Blake, we love you.”

In all seriousness, Jonas said that Cabello is “going to kill it” as a mentor at the singing competition.

“There’s nothing like being a part of sound Family,” he said. “It’s a really special group, and they always do such a great job of putting great people together and the energy is always good, so I think he’ll have a great time.” “

couple having fun dancing with Myself, which tasks contestants to perform new, high-energy dance challenges while isolated in their own pods on stage. Dancers have little time to learn the routine, add their own style, and then perform for a live audience. Shakira, Jonas and fellow judge Liza Koshy provide immediate feedback and encouragement, but, ultimately, it is the studio audience who decides who is named the best dancer of the night and takes home the cash prize.

Sharing about the upcoming contest, Shakira said, “I think it is a show for everyone, not just for professionals.” “Most of the contestants participate… they just enjoy dancing and want to share their passion for it. They want to express themselves, and I think this show is going to be an excellent platform for that. “

Jonas agreed, saying, “I think what was so special about it to me was that people were being given the opportunity to do what they love where the stakes are high. Sure, it’s a competition, but it’s really just about expressing yourself and having fun, which is really what dancing should be about.”

“As someone who doesn’t consider himself a professional dancer, that’s what I think I connected to the most,” he said. “And the chance to connect with Shakira and Liza was great, so I think people will love the show. There’s nothing like it on TV.”

In addition to these sound History, the pair can now bond over fatherhood too! Jonas and wife Priyanka Chopra recently welcomed a baby girl via surrogate, while Shakira is the mother of two sons, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7, with longtime partner Gerard Pique. And it turns out the singer’s boys are just as creative as their mama — most recently with Raw Alejandro helping her come up with a music video concept for her new single, “Te Felicito.”

Shakira shared, “I didn’t know what I was going to do.” “I told them to listen to the song and close their eyes, and my little one got the robot idea and my eldest got the green fire idea and I was like, ‘That’s it! Got it, I have a video.’ “

“I think all kids have this creativity and we adults should provide them with the opportunity to express their ideas and take them seriously,” he said of his sons’ potential future in the industry. “I think my kids have some kind of musical talent. I don’t know if they’re going to become professionals in this business, but if they’re musicians, I don’t care. I just want to give them music. in life, because I think it’s going to be companionship down the road.”

dancing with Myself Premieres Tuesday, May 31 at 10 p.m. PT/ET on NBC, right after the two-hour Season 17 premiere America’s Got Talent, And will also be streaming on Peacock. Sound Is set to return with Season 22 this fall.

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