“The Voice”: Ariana Grande, Holly Forbes and Jim and Sasha Allen play “FourFiveSeconds”

The voices The newest trainer and her team took the stage on Tuesday for a breathtaking performance!

Team Ariana Grande’s remaining top 11 competitors – Kentucky singer Holly Forbes and Connecticut-based father-son duo Jim and Sasha Allen – took the stage with their coach around a cozy campfire for a perfect Kanye West performance , Paul McCartney and Rihanna collaborate on FourFiveSeconds.

The performance was a perfect demonstration of the team’s talents, with Holly showing off her soulful sound and powerful whistles, and Jim and Sasha blending perfect harmonies with their impressive vocals. Led by Ari’s own show-stopping talent, it was a perfect way to celebrate season 21’s sensational remaining singers.

As the competition heats up, Team Kelly Clarkson has the Season 21 advantage for the time being after her team won the competition last week and all four singers climbed into the top 11 – including the winner of the newest Instant Save, Gymani! Blake has three singers left in the competition while John and Ariana have two each.

Additionally, two of the top 11 singers from other teams – Team Legend’s Jershika Maple and Team Ariana’s Holly Forbes – were originally Team Kelly before they were stolen in the Battle and Knockout Rounds!

“There are some seasons where I have so many great singers that I get nervous and some have to go to other teams,” Kelly told ET after playing live last week.

While she’s definitely got a serious competitive spirit, the performer and talk show host admitted, “I honestly don’t care if Holly comes back and hits me on Ariana’s team or Jershika comes back and hits me on John’s team” are all artists, we want that they thrive. “

“Honestly, that means you won the blinds,” remarked John. “Because that means your team has so many great people that they stayed on the show no matter what team they were on.”

The voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. PT / ET on NBC. See more from this season in the video below!


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