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‘The View’: Unvaccinated Jedediah Bila has heated up with co-hosts over vaccine mandates

Unvaccinated Jedediah Bila has argued with 'The View' co-hosts over vaccination mandates

The co-hosts of The view don’t hold back when it comes to their stance on vaccination mandates. On the Tuesday show, former view Co-host Jedediah Bila returned from afar to discuss her new book as conversation centered on the subject of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The discussion was quickly closed by Sunny Hostin, who accused Bila of selling “misinformation” with vaccines on her show after the unvaccinated former Fox News anchor declared she had a “medical exception” preventing her from to get the vaccine.

Bila, who served as the show’s conservative voice from 2016 to 2017, said her medical exception was aided by an “infectious disease specialist” and three other doctors, claiming her “sky-high, multilevel, multi-faceted natural immunity” “got her from it prevented from getting the disease.

“I’m not an anti-Vax,” said Bila. “But what I really want is for people to make these decisions for themselves.”

Bila went on to say that she was against vaccine mandates because the vaccine “doesn’t stop you from getting COVID and transmitting COVID”.

The comments were groaned by the show’s judges, including Joy Behar, who quipped that Bila had been on Fox News for too long. But it was the hostess who did the Dear Hartley Author and hit Bila with facts about the virus which tragically killed her in-laws.

“762,000 people have died of COVID, including Manny’s parents. We’ve been friends for a long time, but I just don’t understand why you prioritize your personal freedom over the health and safety of others, “said host to the applause of the ABC show’s audience.

“I don’t think we should allow this type of misinformation on our website,” she continued.

Hostin then announced that US surgeon general “debunked” Bilas’ claims and reiterated that she did not believe the show should “allow this type of misinformation in our air.”

Bila continued to insist that her own personal health be “priority”, only for the hostess, to reply that it was “above the health and safety of other people”.

The spit continued while the two talked about each other before host Whoopi Goldberg cut it off and cut to a commercial break.

Back in September, hostess and co-host Anna Navarro tested positive for COVID-19 during the broadcast, which turned out to be a false positive test.

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