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The video of the latest vulgarity of Nacho Casano and Toni Costa against Ivonne Montero in LCDLF 2

  • They filter video of Nacho and Toni’s latest vulgarity against Ivonne Montero.
  • It is not the first time that Nacho Casano humiliates the Mexican.
  • Internet users ask Adamari to keep Alaïa away from her father after hearing Toni Costa’s meanness.

Nacho Casano Toni Costa. Last Sunday the second edition of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, the most watched reality show on Hispanic television, came to an end, but despite this, the controversial program continues to be talked about. Just three days after finishing, several things around the winner have come to light, such was the case of the vulgarity of Toni Costa and Nacho Casano doing the Mexican.

Just a few hours before Ivonne Montero took the victory and the juicy prize of $200,000 dollars (equivalent to 4 million pesos), Nacho Casano was one of those who made comments that add to the extensive list of insults against Mexican actress.

They exhibit an uncomfortable moment in The House of Celebrities 2

Nacho Casano Toni Costa

It is well known that all kinds of content circulate on social networks, so Internet users who did not have the opportunity to see the reality show were able to keep up with what was happening inside the most famous house on Hispanic television through these platforms and this topic was no exception.

A few hours ago, a video began to circulate through the Twitter platform where they showed one of the vulgarities that both Toni Costa and Nacho Casano had against Ivonne Montero, many thought that the Spaniard was one of the most sincere in the house , but over time they discovered his true personality and who would say that he would get to the point of unduly offending a woman. Filed Under: Nacho Casano Toni Costa.

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