‘The Umbrella Academy’: How Elliot Page’s Victor came out as transgender in season 3

Umbrella Academy

spoiler ALERT! Don’t proceed if you haven’t seen Season 3, Episode 2 Umbrella Academy.

Elliot Page’s real-life transformation was reflected in Netflix’s early Season 3 episode Umbrella Academy, When his character reinvented himself as Victor Hargreaves.

Page publicly shared in December 2020 that he was transgender and would use the pronoun. In March of this year, Netflix confirmed with a photo that Page’s Umbrella Academy The character, who was known as Vanya and had used his pronouns for the first two seasons, will now be Victor and will use that pronoun.

Even within the world is growing up with another world-ending apocalypse Umbrella Academy, the series showed a sensitive hand in crafting Victor’s onscreen transition story. According to Netflix, showrunner/executive producer Steve Blackman teamed up with GLAAD, Amateur Author Thomas Page McBee and Page Victor for guidance in telling the transition storyline and ensuring that it is told in an authentic and sensitive manner.

In the second episode of the season, after a theatrical performance with Sparrow, who displaced the Umbrella Crew and became unsure of their place within the New World Order (of his own work), Page’s Victor revealed his true self. Decided to embrace the self – your hair, the first sign of its being free.

His revelation was, in a way, when he learned that his love, Sissy (played by Marin Ireland in season 2), later died in 1989—a memory of an important conversation he shared before her, flashing because He had considered his purpose. (At this point in the story, he still went to Vanya.) “You don’t even notice that box until someone comes along and kicks you out,” as his move Sissy’s words were swimming in his mind. In the barber shop.

When they later arrive at Hotel Obsidian – Umbrella’s new headquarters for Season 3 – Victor, with a new look, reintroduces himself after one of his Hargreaves siblings calls him Vanya.

“It’s, uh, Victor,” he said. “Who is Victor?” asked Diego (David Castaneda). “I am,” replied Victor. “It’s who I’ve always been.” Diego, Klaus (Robert Sheehan) and Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) took a few seconds of silence as they processed their life changes. Victor, sensing the uncertainty, asked, “Is this an issue for anyone?”

“No, I’m good with that,” answered Diego calmly. “Yeah, me too. Cool,” agreed Klaus. “Really for you Victor,” said Number Five, before going on about the pressing matter of an apocalyptic, world-ending emergency, which they unwittingly did.

Umbrella Academy

Later, Alison (Amy Raver-Lampman) becomes depressed after realizing that returning to 1963 means her family – most importantly their daughter, Claire – did not exist in this timeline, with Victor taking his sister on a mission. Gaya/Clear his mind. And to fill him in on his decision to be Victor.

“You couldn’t know the reason, I mean, I totally didn’t,” Victor admitted. “Being with Sissy, I don’t know, opened something up in me. Showed me that I’ll never be able to hide from who I really am. And after losing her, I realized I couldn’t live in that box anymore . I will not do.”

“I always hated mirrors. I thought everyone felt so weird in their sin. I guess that’s not true, right?” He asked.

“What do you see now?” Allison said.

“I,” said Victor, looking into the glass window with a faint smile. “Only me.”

Allison assures Victor that nothing has changed between the Hargreaves siblings, thanking him for trusting him with his journey. “You are family, Victor,” she promised. “And there is nothing, nothing that will make me love you less.”

Raver-Lampman spoke with ET’s Will Marfuggi about the entire season, calling it one of the “best” yet.

“I’m so proud of this season. I think this might be our best season yet. All these characters are being put in situations we’ve really never seen them before. They really are Entering the unknown in a wonderful way,” she said before stripping Page’s emotional story this year.

“How we’ve incorporated the transition into Elliot and Victor’s season is pretty remarkable,” Raver-Lampman praised. “I’m so proud of the journey and his vulnerability for Elliot and him. To put it on screen and share it with the world through Victor is, I think, just so wonderful.”

in the new season of Umbrella Academy, convinced that they prevented the initial apocalypse and set the timeline once and for all, they soon realize that things are not as they left them. Enter the Sparrow Academy, which features a living and well-known Ben Hargreaves (Justin H. Minn). Smart, stylish, and hot as a sea of ​​icebergs, the sparrow immediately strikes the umbrella of a violent one-on-one that becomes the least of everyone’s worries.

Navigating their own challenges, pitfalls, and surprises—and dealing with an unknown destructive entity wreaking havoc in the universe (something that may have caused them)—all they have to do now is help Dad’s new and possibly better family. persuade to help. Right what did his arrival do wrong. Will they be able to find a way back to their pre-apocalyptic life? Or is this new world about to reveal more than just a hiccup in the timeline?

Umbrella Academy Now streaming on Netflix.

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