The twin daughters of Julio Iglesias have their birthday and make their debut as entrepreneurs

Cristina and Victoria Iglesias They are the twin daughters of Julio Iglesias, who celebrated their 20th birthday and also made their debut as entrepreneurs.

However, everything seems to indicate that his business is far from the music industry, unlike his father and brother and is more related to fashion and lifestyle.

It should be remembered that the twins, Cristina and Victoria, made their social presentation at the 2019 Met Gala.

Since then, the young women have worked side by side and now launched a line of vitamins and supplements natural food called My Tribeü.

Although it has not gone on sale, the line is aimed at women and, through their social networks, they have begun to promote it.

In addition, recently the twins, daughters of Julio Iglesias, celebrated their 20th birthday, this Saturday, May 1, in Miami, where they spent time with their loved ones.

20 years with this incredible human being, I couldn’t imagine life without you, I love you infinitely ”, Victoria wrote to her sister.

For her part, Cristina Iglesias also dedicated a publication to her sister and said that she is her best friend.

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