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The transformation of Tom Hanks to play Geppetto in the new non-animated version of Pinocchio

This Thursday (September 8) premieres Pinocchio, with Tom Hanks in the skin of Geppetto. The remake, based on the story The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883), by Carlo Collodi, can be seen on Disney +.

Much of the story, of course, rests with Tom Hanks, the carpenter craftsman who carved Pinocchioa historical puppet of children’s literature, with a unique, universal appearance.

Hanks -who until now, it is known, was a shipwrecked man, a lawyer, a war hero, an astronaut, an inspector and a newspaper director- accepted the role in 2018, after reading the draft of the project. And since then he began to elaborate the central character of this story.

Tom Hanks, as Geppetto, for "Pinocchio", on Disney + from this Thursday.

Tom Hanks, as Geppetto, for “Pinocchio”, on Disney + from this Thursday.

The director of the film was going to be Paul King but finally it was in the hands of an acquaintance of Hanks, Robert Zemeckiswho knew how to have it under his lens in movies like Forrest Gump (1994), Castaway (2000) and Polar Express (2004).

Tom Hanks as Colonel Parker for "Elvis," still in theaters.

Tom Hanks as Colonel Parker for “Elvis,” still in theaters.

Both in the previews and in the trailer of the film it was evident that the producer preferred to respect the physiognomy of the first Geppetto. Indeed, we will see the Italian craftsman very similar to the original animated film, released by Disney, in 1940.

And Tom Hanks as... Tom Hanks.  That kind of actor who looks like "ordinary people" capable of transforming.  AFP photo

And Tom Hanks as… Tom Hanks. That kind of actor who looks like “ordinary people” capable of transforming. AFP photo


In the preview clip, the actor looks unrecognizable. with abundant graying hair, gray mustache and small framed glasses, loaded on shoulders and a sweet and innocent look and here he once again tests his ability to capture the endearing character from the physical and emotional.

Contrary to other remakes that sought greater realism, Pinocchio will keep his original appearance, Hanks is the Gepetto we all know. The idea that prevailed in the production was that the protagonists, Pinocchio and Geppetto had an undeniable affinity with familiar characters from the original film.

In the trailer, Geppetto appears working tirelessly in his workshop, surrounded by clocks with their ticking chorus, always accompanied by his cat. He painstakingly polishes the last details of his latest work, a puppet wearing white gloves and black hair.

When the night comes, he prays with all his might to the first star so that his request is fulfilled, his only wish in the world, that the puppet become his son.

The filming was scheduled to take place in England and Italy during 2019, but different inconveniences triggered by the pandemic considerably delayed the completion of the project in a timely manner.

The film was shot in England between March and April 2021, with music by Alan Silvestri. Child actor Benjamin Evan Ainsworth plays Pinocchio, while Cynthia Erivo plays the Blue Fairy.

In 2015, Walt Disney Pictures announced that it was developing a live-action adaptation of Pinocchiothe animated film released in 1940. In relation to the script there were twists and turns, since initially Peter Hedges was in that work until it was announced that Chris Weltz would replace him. The final script was left to Weltz and Zemeckis.

There were also changes of plans with the director, since the first choice fell on Sam Mendes, who eventually resigned. Disney then hired Paul King to direct the film and collaborate on the script, but he, too, ended up quitting for family reasons, making Robert Zemeckis the director’s chair.


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