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The trailer for the fourth season of “The Real Housewives of Miami” is here!

The trailer for the fourth season of

The real housewives of Miami brings the heat … and the shade! Peacock just got the supertease for season 4 (the first new batch of RHOM Episodes to appear on TV in eight+ years) and judging by the trailer, it was more than worth the wait. The original housewives Larsa Pippen and Alexia Echevarria are back, along with Lisa Hochstein from seasons 2 and 3 as well as a host of new “women: Guerdy Abraira, Dr. Nicole Martin and Julia Lemigova, the franchise’s first LGBTQ + housewife (while other cast members arrive.” are) “Over time, Julia is the first to identify herself as queer from her first season). Franchise favorites Marysol Patton and Adriana de Moura are back as “friends” of the cast, as are newcomer Kiki Barth.

Marysol turns things on from the jump into the sneak peek and asks a table of her teammates: “I would like to know who you trust the least here?” Nicole is quick to say Marysol should go first because she asks the question to which Marysol announces, “I think I trust Nicole the least,” which gets quite a response from her target: “Marysol, you are bored in your life ! ” Larsa then steps in to seemingly ask Nicole: “Who the hell are you ?!” before telling a grinning Lisa, “Just stay out of it like you normally do.” Yes, this is a new level of RHOM.

Check out the full trailer here:

Other highlights of the trailer include Larsa announcing that she is “obsessed with my OnlyFans,” which raises some questions for the other women. As Alexia notes, “When you make $ 10,000 a day, you’re showing more.” Of course, her unique bond with the Kardashian family comes to the fore when Adriana yells over a dining table, “You left this group of women [after season 1]She came back with a bum the size of Kim Kardashian and tries to be the new Kim Kardashian you will never be! “

“There are some references from Kardashian, but she is at an interesting time in her life.” Housewives Andy Cohentold ET executive producer earlier this month on what to expect of Larsa’s return RHOM. “She’s rebuilding her life, trying to rebuild – she is rebuilding her life, her marriage ends, her children are growing, she’s kind of got her own thing going on, it’s an interesting thing to see.”

The Real Housewives Of Miami Occupied Facetimes In Season 4

Read on for a housewife for housewife breakdown of what to expect from Season 4.

“Cuban Barbie” Alexia begins a new chapter in her own life, settling in with her fiancé Todd and an emerging beauty salon business. But she still has to grapple with secrets from her past, including some about her previous marriage to the late Herman Echevarria. In the middle of planning the wedding, Alexia finds herself between Todd and her eldest son Peter, who are at odds over an unexpected difference of opinion. She also processes the shocking loss of her mother on her wedding day.

Lisa created her dream life between seasons 3 and 4, completed the construction of her 40 million dollar mega-mansion on Star Island and with her plastic surgeon, Lenny, mother of two … if she really wants to. As the season progresses, ruptures in their marriage will come to light that seem to lead them to a fork in the road.

Larsa is back in Miami after breaking up with NBA superstar husband Scottie Pippen. Finding out who she is as a single, independent woman for the first time in a long time, dips her toes in the dating pool again, and starts a new business (the OnlyFans mentioned above).

Guerdy was born in Haiti, grew up in Paris and has now settled in Miami, where he works as an interior designer and luxury event planner. She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 26 years and has two sons together. Tasked with planning Alexia’s wedding, the self-proclaimed “workaholic” Guerdy quickly realizes that she might not want it this Job.

Dr. Nicole is a self-made, board certified anesthesiologist, award-winning teacher, and lecturer based in Miami. She is raising a two-year-old son, Greyson, with her partner, Anthony, and trying to enable the childhood she never had. In the course of the fourth season, Nicole processed her tense relationship with her father for the sake of her own son.

Julia, a former Russian beauty queen, is married to professional tennis player Martina Navratilova. She spends her time between the lights of the city of South Beach and a quaint farm that she runs just outside of town. At the end of the season she will find out who is more difficult to deal with: the housewives or their animal menagerie.

Adriana continues to work as an art dealer and music artist (she sang the original theme song, which Andy hinted would return for season 4). She’s recently divorced and ready to find love again, but right now, her friends come first … along with some feuds.

Marysol recently retired from her long career as a publicist and is enjoying the newly married life with her new husband. A little older and a little wiser, Marysol is here to crack jokes, some of which get her in trouble with the other ladies. Marysol’s beloved mother (and outstanding supporting character from RHOM‘s first three seasons), Elsa, died in 2019.

Kiki is a mother, model and long-time friend of Guerdy. As a native Haitian, she came to the USA at the age of 13 to live the American dream. She has looks and jokes to kill with no problem to speak and speak her mind.

The real housewives of MiamiThe new season premieres on Peacock Thursday, December 16, with three episodes streamed immediately. After that, new episodes will be released every Thursday, a total of 14.


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