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The time that Erasmo Catarino was applauded by former academics for not wanting to say that “he was the best of the Academy”

Erasmo Catarino was a fourth generation academic (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)

The Academy: 20 years has relived the best moments that throughout 13 regular seasons Aztec TV performed with some of the talents that now enjoy national fame, however, as in most stories, things were not always easy for former academics, and less so with the difficulties that critics caused them.

After not having appeared to sing with Rubí in the first part of the grand finale, the name of Erasmus Catarino has not ceased to be a trend in social networks, so some of his most remembered participations for his time in the fourth generation, of which he is the winner, have begun to be remembered and viralized, as on the occasion that refused to say he was “the best of The academy.

During the year 2005 when his season was on the air, in the fourth concert he performed for the first time the presentation of the manzanita, a cover that to date is considered his best performance despite the fact that he belongs to Los Tigres del Norte and with them he also gained great fame. After her, the critics played in her favor receiving extraordinary compliments from Óscar Sárquiz, Ilse Olivo, courteous lolita Y Arturo Lopez Gavito.

The cover of "La Manzanita" gave him national fame (Photos: Twitter/@laacade.fnsmx)
The cover of “La Manzanita” gave him national fame (Photos: Twitter/@laacade.fnsmx)

The latter was responsible for generating a controversial moment that to date is remembered with great affection, since The Iron Judge asked him: “Erasmo, in the classes you teach you teach the native language, right?”, to which he answered in the affirmative, being later challenged to “Can you please tell me in Nahuatl how to say ‘I am the best of The academy”.

The singer blushed and the audience applauded, but his response was the real reason why the moment is remembered to this day: “It’s a little hard to say because I respect my teammates a lot.…”, he expressed to be interrupted by former academics such as Yuridia, Jolette Y Cynthia Rodriguezwho stood up and did not stop applauding leaving the critic embarrassing.

“Because among them are many people who have a lot of capacity. It hurts me, personally, that my colleague René is not with me because for me he was one of the strong people, one of those who gave himself and it was for me…”, he mentioned to be interrupted by López Gavio to point out that now was his time.

"The Iron Judge" or was left with the desire to ensure that he was the best of the fourth generation (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)
“The Iron Judge” or was left with the desire to ensure that he was the best of the fourth generation (Photo: Instagram/@laacademiatv)

I do not consider myself the best, I consider that I have the ability to do things, but I do not think I am the best”, added Erasmo Catarino. Arturo did not want to be left behind and claimed again: “Listen to me, my question is how do you say in Nahuatl ‘I am the best of The academy‘, not if you are in favor or not of your peers, it is a cultural question that I would like to know”.

I can not say it”, pointed out the former academic for the last time, to which the critic responded with a change of question: “I don’t know Nahuatl, how could I say thank you?” “Tlasojkamati” he replied, to which Gavito finished off “Tlasojkamati and you are the best of The academyThank you”.

The viral moment ended with even more screams from the attendees, the jury and the companions, not knowing that 15 concerts later he would become the top winner of the fourth generationleaving Yuridia in second place, something impossible to believe for those who currently know the singer’s artistic career -although the theory of the curse of the first place of said reality show.


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