The time Beyoncé met Selena Quintanilla in Texas

If you have already started to see Selena, the Series, in its second season, there is a fact that probably caught your attention, it is about the time that Beyoncé met Quintanilla.

Although Beyoncé is perhaps now one of the best known stars in the world, at the time she was not and Queen B He has told how he felt about meeting Selena, whom he admired.

During a chapter, an allusion is made to the encounter between the queen of Tex-Mex and Beyoncé, who at that time began his musical career.

According to Beyoncé, the meeting took place at the Galleria Mall in Texas, where they both lived.

And, it must be remembered that Beyoncé grew up in Houston and Selena was originally from Lake Jackson, so the meeting happened by chance.

Beyoncé emphasized that she did not know Selena personally, so she just said “hello.”

However, Beyoncé stressed that she listened to Selena a lotwhose songs were predominant on Texas radio and whose he had an album that helped him with his pronunciation.

I was not a celebrity, I saw her and said ‘hi’ and kept moving forward.

Definitely growing up in Texas, listening to her on the radio and listening to her album, not knowing exactly what she was saying helped me stay in the studio with my pronunciation, ”Beyoncé recounted.

Here we leave you the interview that Beyoncé gave to MTV and in which he talked about the time he met Selena Quintanilla.

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