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The third season of “Luis Miguel, the series” was written by Zoom

The third season of

MEXICO CITY (EL UNIVERSAL) .- Because of the pandemic, the third season of “Luis Miguel, the series” it was partially written by Zoom, explains one of many collection’ writers, Anton Goenechea.

This was one of many challenges for the continuation of the story that follows the lifetime of the Mexican singer. “It’s funny, I really miss seeing people in person because there is something about being able to see the other and understand what they are feeling when you are telling them an idea, but in the pandemic, Zoom has made it very efficient You really spend less time in meetings and you feel much more organized, “he explains.

“Suddenly it conflicts with me because I want to see my friends and spend time with them but it is much more efficient, people do not want so much to be watching the screen then as you are much clearer and more direct in things.”

Numerous writers

The author explains that the work for movie and a tv collection resembling “El Sol” is completely different since within the case of the second it’s executed in a group with others scriptwriters and it takes about six months. Roughly, he particulars, there are half as many writers as chapters per season, that’s to say that in considered one of eight episodes there are 4 writers behind. This additionally relies on the complexity of the plot, explains that within the case of Luis Miguel there have been 5 writers for the primary 13-episode season.

“Everyone works together all the time to develop everything that happens in the series, from the general plots of the season, which are called macro, its development and then it begins chapter by chapter. We do everything together and then the chief writer He says ‘you are going to have to write such a chapter’, you do it with all your classmates but you go home to write it and they give you notes, it is a very collaborative work, “he explains.

“It is a very beautiful job, very teamwork, especially since film writing work is usually very lonely and for television you have that collaborative part.”

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Tough scenes

Though he can’t anticipate what might be seen within the third installment that may quickly arrive on the Netflix platform, Anton tells what has been one of the crucial tough scenes to unravel on paper. For he was within the first episode of the second season, when there may be an argument between Luis Miguel and his uncle Tito.

“It was a scene that we had to work on for a long time because it revealed a lot of the story but also has a very strong emotional content.” Nonetheless, from paper to Netflix display screen there are adjustments.

The scriptwriter says that since it’s a collaborative work between many creatives, the director of the chapter additionally intervenes, the actors have plenty of interference within the choices they make in entrance of the digicam, and the enhancing implies one other change. Documenting your self on the topic can be vital.

“I know a lot about Luis Miguel. I know a lot about what the fans know, maybe less. You have to be rigorous, fair, it’s complicated, but also fascinating and a privilege to do it,” he says. However ultimately there’s a trace of fiction within the story that has prompted detrimental reactions from actual life characters who’ve been portrayed on the display screen because the case of Michelle Salas, daughter of Luis Miguel.

On this regard, the screenwriter this appears authentic. “What we do is a ‘fictionalization’ and in the end that is the job of making a biopic, ‘fictionalizing’ real life, and the characters end up having specific roles for the story. I understand that it could bother them, really.”

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