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Monday, September 26, 2022

The tender gesture that Adamari made for Toni Costa hours before the final of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’

  • Adamari does the unimaginable to support her ex-partner
  • The relationship that the Puerto Rican has with the father of her daughter
  • Toni Costa could be the winner of The House of Celebrities 2

Tender Gesture Adamari Toni Costa. Adamari López once again made it clear that her priority is her daughter’s well-being, therefore, she ensures that little Alaïa was close enough to her father, Zumba instructor Toni Costa, and of course, to support him at all times, and This was made clear yesterday by Adamari and her daughter.

Although the relationship between Toni Costa and Adamari has not worked out in the best way, and after the statements that the Puerto Rican recently made saying that she separated from Toni while still in love with him, they have never stopped being the best parents for their daughter. 7 years.

They are a few hours from the grand finale

Tender Gesture Adamari Toni Costa

Ivonne Montero, Toni Costa, Salvador Zerboni and Nacho Casano are living their last moments inside La Casa de los Famosos, after having been isolated for 80 days in reality. Tonight, one of them will be able to take the prize of 200 thousand euros in his bank account.

Currently one of the finalists who is being supported the most is Adamari’s ex, Toni Costa, who is presumed to be the winner of the famous Telemundo reality show. The Zumba dancer also received a very sweet message, which we are sure will raise his spirits. Filed Under: Tender Gesture Adamari Toni Costa

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