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The Sur Awards recognize the best of Argentine cinema and add Best Series as a category

The Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Argentina delivers this Monday (August 29) the Sur Awards, which recognize the best of national cinema. The ceremony will take place in the luxurious Politeama theater and will be broadcast on Tuesday 30 on Public TV.

At the beginning of July, the nominees for all the categories of this 16th edition were announced, with the participation of Argentine films that were released between January 1 and December 31, 2021.

After learning that the actor and humorist Martín Bossi will be the presenter of the Surnow it transpired that the Academy chose Lito Vitale to carry out the musical tribute.

The tribute will be made up of different musical numbers with the presence of well-known figures from national cinema who They will participate as singers, among them Muriel Santa Ana, Mike Amigorena and Mex Urtizberea.

In addition, accompanied by great artists, they will give music to the different curtains of the ceremony, pay tribute to important careers and carry out moments in memoriam

honor and gratitude

“It is a great pleasure for me to be part of the Sur Award ceremony, in which the highest references of cinema in our country are awarded. I am very happy to have been chosen to perform the musical tributes section, I am deeply honored”, said the composer and pianist.

Lito Vitale, in charge of the musical tribute at the Sur Awards 2022. Photo Rolando Andrade

Lito Vitale, in charge of the musical tribute at the Sur Awards 2022. Photo Rolando Andrade

I always considered that music transforms, evolves and heals. Throughout my career, I went through different moments that helped me grow professionally and I was always very grateful for the trust and recognition of people during all these years”, added Lito.

The debut of the series category

During the ceremony, conducted by the actor and comedian Martin Bossi, It will be awarded for the first time in the category of Best Fiction Seriesadded to the categories of Best Fiction Film, Best First Feature, Best Director, Best Leading Actress, Best Leading Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Female Revelation and Male Revelation.

"El Reino", the Argentine Netflix original series, nominated at the Sur Awards.

“El Reino”, the Argentine Netflix original series, nominated at the Sur Awards.

There will also be awards for Best Original Screenplay, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Original Music, Best Sound, Best Documentary Film and Best Makeup and Characterization.

The four nominees for best picture are The Attachmentdirected by Valentin Javier Diment, The Dog That Won’t Shut Updirected by Ana Katz, the fugitivedirected by Natalia Meta and karnawalDirected by Juan Pablo Felix.

While the four nominees for best series are Alternative Therapy (Star+), between men (HBO), Maradona: Blessed dream (Amazon Prime Video) and The kingdom (Netflix).

Bossi driver and all the nominees

A few days ago, the Academy had confirmed Bossi as the conductor of the ceremony. “It is a great honor that the Film Academy has trusted me as the host for this new gala. Being a participant in such an outstanding award from the national film industry fills me with pride, and more, after a long time in which it cost us a lot to get together to celebrate “explained the actor.

These spaces are the ideal occasions to continue promoting our national work, which is widely recognized worldwide. I hope it will be a unique night and that you join us during the broadcast, “he added.

With more than 15 years of experience, the Sur Awards highlight the best of national cinematography. Just as the Oscars recognize Hollywood productions, in Argentina, the best works receive this prestigious award. Here are some of the nominees:

Best Fiction Film

"The dog that does not shut up", by Ana Katz.

“The dog that does not shut up”, by Ana Katz.

  • “El Attachment” directed by Valentín Javier Diment
  • “The Dog That Doesn’t Shut Up” directed by Ana Katz
  • “El Prófugo” directed by Natalia Meta
  • “Karnawal” directed by Juan Pablo Felix

Best Fiction Series

  • “Alternative Therapy”
  • “Maradona: Blessed Dream”

Best Leading Actress

  • Jimena Anganuzzi for “The Attachment”
  • Lola Berthet for “The Attachment”
  • Erica Rivas for “El Prófugo”
  • Paula Carruega for “Eyes of Sand”

Best Leading Actor

  • Germán De Silva for “The Attachment”
  • Nahuel Pérez Biscayart for “El Prófugo”
  • Leonardo Sbaraglia for “Wandering Heart”
  • Martin Lopez Lacci for “Karnawal”

Best Direction

  • Valentin Javier Diment for “The Attachment”
  • Ana Katz for “The Dog That Doesn’t Shut Up”
  • Leonardo Brzezicki for “Wandering Heart”
  • Juan Pablo Felix for “Karnawal”

Best Supporting Actor

  • Sergio Prina for “Amor Bandido”
  • Daniel Hendler for “The Fugitive”
  • Alfredo Castro for “Karnawal”
  • Diego Cremonesi for “Karnawal”

Best Original Screenplay

  • Valentin Javier Diment for “The Attachment”
  • Leonardo Brzezicki for “Wandering Heart”
  • Gonzalo Delgado and Ana Katz for “The Dog That Doesn’t Shut Up”
  • Juan Pablo Felix for “Karnawal”

Best Adapted Screenplay

  • Alberto Fasce and Gonzalo Ventura for “Al 3er Día” based on the novel “3 Días”.
  • Natalia Meta for “El Prófugo” based on “El Mal Menor” by CE Feiling.
  • Sandra Gugliotta and Miguel Zeballos in “(In)Voluntary Retreats” based on “The Privatization of Bodies” by Damián Pierbattisti.
  • Federico Palazzo and José Paquez for “Yo Nena, Yo Princesa” based on the book by Gabriela Mansilla “Yo Nena Yo Princesa. Luana the girl who chose her own name ”from her.

Best Art Direction

  • Federico Mayol for “The Attachment”
  • Ailí Chen for “The Fugitive”
  • Daniela Villela for “Karnawal”
  • Sandra Iurcovich for “The House of Rabbits”

Best Costume Design

  • Julián Rúgolo for “10 Palomas”
  • Gabriela González for “The Attachment”

Mónica Toschi for “El Prófugo”

  • Pheonia Veloz and Gabriela Varela Laciar for “The Red Star”

Best Makeup and Characterization

  • Nestor Burgos for “The Attachment”
  • Emma Miño for “The Fugitive”
  • Dolores Giménez for “Wandering Heart”
  • Rebeca Martínez for “Nocturna, The Night of the Big Man”

female revelation

  • Miss Bolivia for “That Weekend”
  • Malena Pichot for “Weekend”
  • Isabella GC for “Yo Nena, Yo Princesa”

Best Direction of Photography

  • Marcelo Lavintman, Gustavo Biazzi, Fernando Blanc, Joaquín Neira and Guillermo Nieto for “El Perro que no Calla”
  • Bárbara Álvarez for “El Prófugo”
  • Ramiro Civita for “Karnawal”
  • Milagros Chaín for “Yo Nena, Yo Princesa”

Best Documentary Film

  • “Chango, The Light Discovers” directed by Alejandra Martín and Paola Rizzi
  • “Map of Latin American Dreams” directed by Martín Weber
  • “Bodybuilders” directed by Mariano Frigerio and Denise Urfeig
  • “Cortázar and Antín: Illuminated Letters” directed by Cinthia Rajschmir

Best Supporting Actress

  • Analía Couceyro for “Immortal”
  • Monica Lairana for “Karnawal”
  • Mónica Villa for “A Grave for Three”
  • Paola Barrientos for “Yo Nena, Yo Princesa”

best sound

  • Lena Esquenazi for “Karnawal”
  • Ileana Gigena and Joaquín Rosson for “Yo Nena, Yo Princesa”
  • Sebastián González for “Immortal”
  • Guido Berenblum for “The Fugitive”

Best montage

  • Guille Gatti for “The Magic Night”
  • Luz López Mañe and Eduardo Serrano for “Karnawal”
  • Jonathan Smeke for “Me Girl, Me Princess”
  • Eliane Katz for “The Fugitive”

male revelation

  • Nahuel Cabral for “The Frogs”
  • Martin Lopez Lacci for “Karnawal”
  • Roberto Moldavsky for “Ex Married”
  • Valentino Vena for “Yo Nena, Yo Princesa”

Best Original Music

  • Luciano Onetti for “On the 3rd Day”
  • Sebastián Escofet for “How Queens Die”
  • Leonardo Martinelli for “Karnawal”
  • Martín Bianchedi for “Yo Nena, Yo Princesa”

Best Opera Debut

  • “Chango, The Light Discovers” directed by Alejandra Martín and Paola Rizzi
  • “That Weekend” directed by Mara Pescio
  • “Karnawal” directed by Juan Pablo Felix
  • “Map of Latin American Dreams” directed by Martín Weber.

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