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The streaming boom of the last five years hits TV in the United States

The streaming boom of the last five years hits TV in the United States

The television industry in the United States underwent a rapid process of great changes, over the last five years, starting with the boom in subscriptions to streaming platforms, with considerable declines in premium TV subscriptions, according to a survey published days ago by the specialized site Variety.

The phenomenon of platforms contrasts with more than 10 million fertilizers that Americans canceled in the last five years, which represents a decline of 12 percent, while now the competition is also focused on how to capture more time the attention of the public, disputed not only by streaming but by video games and social networks.

This dynamic has an impact on viewer behavior: in general terms, cable TV transmissions and consumption fell significantly compared to the previous five years, but it is only part of the question.

Shows Like &Quot;Late Night With Seth Meyers&Quot; Say They Are Important When It Comes To Adding Viewers.  Photo: Lloyd Bishop / Nbc Via Ap

Shows like “Late Night with Seth Meyers” say they are important when it comes to adding viewers. Photo: Lloyd Bishop / NBC via AP

Remnants of a past of glory

The report of Variety stresses that, even in today’s different viewer landscape, the four largest networks averaged 20 million total viewers during prime time.

Despite the fact that the deficit compared to five years ago is 10 million viewers, the values ​​are still considerable as to maintain the interest of advertisers.

However, the most relevant demographic for that sector, audiences between 18 and 49 years old, is leaving television faster than the general decline of all age groups, leading to the contents of the central time are aimed at people over 50 years of age, a more passive audience in terms of consumption.

There are still formats that impact the ignition, especially live events: reality shows, sports and opinion journalism.

The Way In Which Viewers Consume Fiction Accounts For The Decline In Its Relevance On Television.

The way in which viewers consume fiction accounts for the decline in its relevance on television.

With fiction on the other side

While, scripted content on TV suffered an immediate drop in the period. Many of those drops are linked to television executives signing deals with streaming platforms to give viewers the chance to watch content after it is broadcast on TV.

This is reflected in cases like the one in the series YellowstoneFrom Paramount: If a drama is only available on television, with a long window until the season is available on platforms, audiences will still choose to turn on their televisions on certain days and times.

The unfathomable

On the other hand, Today’s excess audiovisual supply also plays a role in behavior change of the spectators. The number of productions increased every year since 2008, with the exception of the 2020 pandemic, and last year there was a peak of 1,923 series.

Nowadays, streaming accounts for 51.5 percent of all original productions in the United States, a jump of 13 percent from 2016.

Frances Haugen Speaks With Scott Pelley, In 60 Minutes, One Of The Most Watched Programs On American Tv In 2021. Photo Robert Fortunato / Cbs News / 60 Minutes Via Ap

Frances Haugen speaks with Scott Pelley, in 60 Minutes, one of the most watched programs on American TV in 2021. Photo Robert Fortunato / CBS News / 60 Minutes via AP

In any case, it is still possible to increase the television audience: the report detailed that twelve chains of 124 had an increase in audience in the last five years, a fact that is exceptional if it is recorded that 90.3 percent of the total lost viewers.


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