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The story of why Elton John sang “Candle in the Wind” at Lady Di’s funeral

The story of why Elton John sang

Without a doubt, it was one of the most moving moments of the funeral of Lady Di in 1997. Elton John, dressed in rigorous black, seated at the piano, sang Candle in the Wind. And the British were saying goodbye to Princess Diana of Wales with tears.

“Goodbye rose from England, you will always live in our hearts,” read the beginning of the song, rewritten for the occasion by singer-songwriter Elton John, known by the name of Goodbye england’s rose.

A few minutes of high emotional charge, which took place thanks to the express request of the Dean of Westminster Abbey, Wesley Carr, according to information from British media such as the BBC Y The Guardian.

Elton John And Lady Di: Inseparable Friends.  He Sang At Her Funeral.

Elton John and Lady Di: inseparable friends. He sang at her funeral.

The Reverend’s Request

The documents in question show how Carr asked Buckingham Palace to be John, a personal friend of the princess, who star in the moment.

In a letter addressed to a high official in the British royal house, the Reverend wrote that John performing at the ceremony will be “Imaginative and generous“For the millions who” feel heartbroken “and that the song performed” was playing all the time on the radio. “

The truth is the song chosen was not always Candle in the wind. According The Guardian, in a first draft of the ceremony service the subject that was included was Your song.

Candle in the windhowever, it appears in a second draft sent to Buckingham Palace for approval. In the document sent by Carr, he assured that it should be included something “bold”, “unexpected” and “from the modern world that represented the princess” and suggested that “something classical or choral”, even “if it is a popular classic like some Andrew Lloyd Webber“Was” inappropriate. “

George Michael And Elton John, At The Funeral Of Lady Di, Who Was Much Loved By Artists.

George Michael and Elton John, at the funeral of Lady Di, who was much loved by artists.

Something from Elton John would be better, one of Diana’s favorites, and “maximum expression of popular culture.” “If it is thought that his words are too sentimental (although that is not a bad thing given the national environment) it is not necessary to print them, just sing them,” he added.

A little history

As Elton John has assured many, many occasions, he and Bernie Taupin – his usual lyricist – rewrote Candle in the wind at the suggestion of Richard Branson, the billionaire owner of the Virgin Records label. The theme became the second best-selling physical single in history, behind of White christmas by Bing Crosby, with 33 million copies sold.

Princess Diana’s funeral took place on September 6, 1997, just six days after she died in a traffic accident in Paris with his then partner, Dodi Al Fayed. On that occasion, Lady Di and her boyfriend were escaping from the pursuit of the papparazzi, until the car crashed.

In addition to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey attended by 2,000 guests –from Hillary Clinton to Luciano Pavarotti-, the act became a massive farewell in the streets of London in which two and a half million people gathered. The farewell was broadcast on television and followed by more than 32 million Britons.

Y Candle in the wind is the official musical band of that unforgettable and painful moment for the British.

Tribute To Lady Di, At Buckingham Palace, 20 Years After Her Death.  Photo Efe

Tribute to Lady Di, at Buckingham Palace, 20 years after her death. Photo EFE


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