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The story of the song ‘Bésame’, by Ricardo Montaner

Ricardo Montaner, that this September 8 celebrates 65 years, has made several of his songs successes that transcend generations, for example: She’s gonna miss me, Let me cry, Top of the sky, So in love Y Kiss Me.

On this last topic, Kiss Methe singer-songwriter himself told the story during his participation as a coach in the musical reality show The voicein its Argentine version.

This is the story of the song ‘Ya supérame’, by Grupo Firme

First, Montaner sang a fragment of the theme. After this, Ricky, his son and also a coach of the program, commented: “Don’t you know that this song had another name before it came out? It didn’t say kiss me anywhere”.

His father confirmed that in principle his name was not Kiss Me Nor did he say that word: “Neither in the name nor in the letter.”

it was called wet me: ‘Wet the torrent of illusions, wet all my passions‘”, revealed the famous to the surprise of the other coaches.

Later, Ricardo recalled how it was the day he recorded the song: “I came to the studio to record it, Bebu Silvetti produced it for me, then I came to the studio and started singing it.”

“He (Bebu) had not heard the lyrics, I send him a copy of the lyrics and I keep another”, he added.

The artist said that at that time “the lyrics were kind of strong, it was like those of Mau and Ricky today, so (Bebu) tells me: ‘Chatito, this can’t be called wet me He can’t even say wet the torrent, he can’t, wet me everywhere, no sweetie’”.

With this problem on the table, Montaner quickly solved it the same day of the recording.

So I tell him: ‘Bebu, let’s turn off the microphone, give me 5 minutes’, and there I wrote Kiss Merecounted the singer-songwriter and proceeded to sing the song as he originally conceived it, with the word mójame.


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