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The Story of Steph, the La Voz Argentinian Contestant Who Made Lali Esposito Cry

In the first broadcast of La Voz Argentina (this Sunday, June 5, on Telefe), there was a tremendous emotional moment at the end, with Lali Esposito as the protagonist and a participant.

Was Then Steve FigueroaA participant of Lanús (he is from Remedios de Escalada, part of that municipality) sang get lost in beautiful dreams And he was chosen by both Lali and Maui and Ricky and Ricardo Montaner, with Soledad Pastorutti as jury members.

Prior to his outstanding performance, it was revealed that Steph is a fan of John Lennon and has a Beatle tribute band, with whom he sang in England, where Julia Baird saw John’s sister herself and was surprised at her voice and similarity. Were .

Julia Baird also pointed out that out of 100 participants in the contest about the Beatles, only two were women and one, well, Steph.

Emotion.  In Steph Figueroa, Lali is being chosen by Esposito for her "team".  photo phone

Emotion. In Steph Figueroa, Lali is being chosen by Esposito for her “team”. photo phone

After choosing to stay with the Lali team and thanking her parents for their “endurance” so that she could devote herself to music, Steph stated that she didn’t always have a good time because faced discriminationAnd that music was (and is) a source of healing.

Between the two of them to tears, Lali is astonished when driver Marley tells her what Cynthia Lennon had said about her who had just become part of his team. “Ah, now an egg I’ve chosen for you sucks you up,” joked Lali and the atmosphere calmed down.

Of course before all this, bugle (in a note to Zonless, signed by Leonardo Sanabria), had already told part of Steph’s story.

my dear friend john

“My voice’s timbre is similar to that of John’s. So I chose him and no beetle”, said Estef Figueroa. She is now 31 years old and is the pride of Remedios de Escalada, the place where she was a girl.

She is one of the few women in the world to be recognized for her tribute to John Lennon. pay tribute to him every day for 24 hours: “I go out like this. I dress like him to go to the supermarket and sing on stage. And even to sleep,” he explains.

In Liverpool, Estefania poses at the door of the venue where The Beatles gave their first show in England.

In Liverpool, Estefania poses at the door of the venue where The Beatles gave their first show in England.

His fanaticism for the artist began at the age of 15 when he heard double fantasyThe seventh and final studio album by the former Beatle. “my thing It’s not Beatlemania, it’s Lennonmania”, he emphasized. In fact, at La Voz Argentina, at the request of the jurors, he did a piece (just like starting overof that disc.

Steph started dressing like an artist from that age and had immediate support from her parents. His dark brown hair, his round sunglasses and his military green jacket are part of his daily attire.

“One day I woke up and told my mom that I was tired of long hair and mini skirts. That’s where I started with this ‘full-time’ tribute. I don’t see it as a copycat, but as a way of life. Lennon cut me off musically and emotionally.”

Estef used to play at Cavern in the city of Buenos Aires.  photo david fernandez

Estef used to play at Cavern in the city of Buenos Aires. photo david fernandez

heading to liverpool

But she could not imagine what would happen years later: “In 2015” The owners of the ‘Cavern’ in Liverpool wrote to me, To be a part of the world’s most important beetle festival, It was a matter of great pride to be playing at that legendary place, I couldn’t get the band passing by in my head”, he confesses.

In addition, he included her in a ceremony held at the “Royal Court Theatre”. there Donovan opened forThe singer and guitarist, who is said to have taught Paul McCartney and John Lennon the technique of “fingerpicking” (a special way of playing the guitar with the fingers).

However, praise for this Escalada artist did not come only from producers or relatives of the former Beatle: “When I traveled, I met Julia Baird, John’s sister, I continue to have fluid contact with her, she tells me that I am happy to listen and that she feels great appreciation for what I do”, says Esteff.

She was also selected as one of four juries of a Latin American competition that would choose two groups to travel to Liverpool and be part of the experience she herself lived with two years earlier.

The competition was held on the anniversary of the murder of John, within the framework of “Beetle Week”. “It’s a pleasure that you keep me in mind. I would tell the band not to stop dreaming. I went from Lance to Liverpool, From walking Hippolyto Yrigoyen Avenue to stepping onto Abbey Road”, he reflects.

he also led “Estefi Lennon Band”, Tribute Band to Musician: “I have a great love for John for his activism and above all for his musical intelligence. Creating a tribute band for this talent feels very original to me as there are not many people devoted to him and even That is even less with a female artist”, he elaborated.

band edit An album called “1981” with unreleased songs artist’s.

“I put together demos composed by John that were recorded without being edited or mastered, and were never released due to his death. They were demos of songs, they weren’t finished, so leave them unfinished. We thought how they could have been eliminated and from there we gave them our stamp.”

“We based a lot on the dance style that John was already predicting on his last album. double fantasy, Jack Douglas, one of his producers listened to him, congratulated us and told us that he certainly would have had a similar style if he hadn’t died. The pride it creates in us is unparalleled”, he synthesized.


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