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the story of how he married his girlfriend from youth, after 32 years without seeing each other

Marciano Cantero, the leader of the Enanitos Verdes, the Mendoza rock band that became a Latin American phenomenon, has died at the age of 62. The musician had a kidney and part of his spleen removed in an operation, but he could not recover and he died this Thursday, September 8.

But, in life, in addition to beautiful songs, Marciano Cantero He left us a wonderful love story, which was crowned with marriage to a girlfriend from his youth, whom he had not seen for 32 years. And to which he had written one of the band’s hits, your old letters.

Let’s remember that story.

counted it Martian Stonecutterleader of Los Enanitos Verdes, in everything else toothe program hosted by Bebe Contepomi on Mega 98.3. It is his love story with Vivianathe woman who inspired him to compose the song your old letters and whom he married after 32 years without seeing each other. Novel, definitely.

Cantero wrote your old letters, one of the classics of Los Enanitos Verdes, in the ’80s. “I was reading your old letters, where you talked to me about love…”, starts the lyrics of the song.

Who was the singer and bassist referring to? To Viviana, whom he met in 1981, when he was 21 years old, in his native Mendoza. And he fell completely in love. But the relationship could not continue.

Marciano Cantero and his wife, Viviana.

Marciano Cantero and his wife, Viviana.

Shortly after that crush, the group (with Felipe Staiti on guitar and Daniel Piccolo on drums) was chosen as “revelation” at the Festival de la Falda.

that prompted them to move definitively to Buenos Aires, with the aim of recording their first album. This new project was incompatible with Cantero and Viviana’s courtship.

“When we went with Los Enanitos to Buenos Aires, we stopped going out with Viviana because I had to continue with my career, but we never had a fight, we ended up well,” the composer recalled.

In other words: the couple is over, but not love.

love by mail

At a time when there were no emails or whatsapp, contact between them was maintained by mail.

“Your Old Letters”


That was how, while on tour in Bogotá, one day the composer was inspired by those letters to write one of his most memorable songs.

“I always wondered why everything that happened had happened, the lyrics reflect the pain of that moment”explained the artist.

The song, which was included in the successful album time trialfrom 1986, has a phrase that clearly refers to that rupture: “And where is that beautiful illusion now??”, He says.

The illusion, it is visible, remained intact for more than 32 years. In 2018, Marciano and Viviana met again in Mendoza. And they were able to give that story a very happy ending.

“Fortunately we met again and got married last year”said Cantero, who decided to settle again in the city that saw him grow up with his love of youth.

At the same time, the band led by Mariano continues to work actively. About to turn 40, he became the most listened to Argentine rock group on Spotify.

And, although the coronavirus pandemic stopped the tours, Cantero will have to resume his trips as soon as the massive shows are enabled. With the possibility, yes, of Viviana accompanying him.


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