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the story of a villain who is afraid of horror movies

“Did we do it right?” asks Tomás Kirzner with the camera off. But he is not talking about his performance in unknown landthe new Disney+ original horror and suspense series, produced in Latin America and with premiere on september 8.

He says it by way of the interviews that, together with his colleagues in this adventure, Pedro Maurizi, Mora Fisz and Thomas Lepera, have just started after 10 in the morning on a Thursday, in a Buenos Aires hotel.

With low lights and props creepy (sinister, the same one that was used during the 6 months of filming in 2021). a junket with an apocalyptic atmosphere sets the stage for the reunion. “It’s a terrifying fantasy,” agrees the centennial litter about the 8-episode story, inspired by myths and urban legendswho reunited with several former setmates and “of life”.

“With Thomas we did radio when we were younger”, comments “Toto”, who in the fiction directed by Sebastián Pivotto, is the antagonist of Eric (“Pepo” Maurizi), alma mater of a story whose epicenter is a park loaded with mysterious disappearances.

Toto Kirzner says that he doesn't watch horror movies, because he doesn't like to feel afraid.

Toto Kirzner says that he doesn’t watch horror movies, because he doesn’t like to feel afraid.

Starting with that there is second

The beginning is already encouraging: there will be a second season. And it’s not a spoiler, it announces it to Clarion the leading quartet, with the same euphoria that summons them the premiere of the platform’s first teen horror project.

“We are drooling. We already recorded the second one and it will be released in 2023. It is news that was not planned”, they explain about the launch that coincides with Disney + Day, a world day that includes experiences for subscribers, in addition to new titles.

“It was a constant journey to childhood, to connect with those fears of the past. I particularly hate the horror genre because of what it generates in me”, says Kirzner, with only two hours of sleep and an anxiety that keeps him awake.

-What generates you?

-It makes me angry, because I don’t like being scared. It is not a genre that consumes for pleasure. I’d rather do them all my life than see them. Once alone in my life I saw a horror movie alone, by Ari Aster, midsummer it’s called, that’s cool because it takes place during the day, but it’s disturbing. I get a lot of anxiety, a lot of goat. They’re like mini panic attacks all the time.

-And do you work or assume?

Tierra Incógnita is the new original Latin production of Disney +.

Tierra Incógnita is the new original Latin production of Disney +.

-No, I assumed it. That it scares me and that it makes me feel sick to my stomach. With the premiere of unknown landFor example, I have a lot of anxiety. Yesterday I slept only two hours with the desire that I have for it to happen. If I send you a photo of the fingers of my hand, they are totally morphed…

-Does anxiety work?

– Well, unfortunately it is part. Me I am an extremely anxious person overall a bit rushed. Assumed, but I try to work some things to be able to go down. There are also other chemical reactions that must cause anxiety that I can’t control. But this is an important event, which does not happen to me every day.

-It is justified…

-Because of what the project entails, for being a super arch mega national production, it is a lot of responsibility. We have many backpacks on, but in the best sense of the word.

The joy of being the baddest of the series

-You got the desire to play a villain, which had not been given to you yet.

-I wanted to, I had never been the bad guy on screen. I think there is something inevitable about the villain that is very funny. It amuses me a lot, I had an incredibly good time, because it brings that trick of being bad.

-He’s not so villainous either…

-He is not a villain per se or something perhaps more cartoonish. He is more of an antagonist, than he had his share of constant evil. And I loved it.

Lautaro Delgado and Toto Kirzner play father and son in "Tierra incógnita".

Lautaro Delgado and Toto Kirzner play father and son in “Tierra incógnita”.

The bad guy always generates empathy in movies. More than anything in the Disney ones, like My favorite villain. Axel is not funny at all, but I had fun doing bad things. Also with who plays my father, Lautaro Delgado, all we did was laugh after laugh, within the terrifying that had to be conveyed.

-Until now nothing of what you have been doing is similar to the above, quite the contrary. Is it given or are they conscious decisions?

-I try, when opportunities arise, to do different things because that is what I want to do with my career today. Try different genres, where I feel more comfortable, where not. So far I haven’t noticed any discomfort with anything.


-To be honest no. I take advantage of opportunities to grow and discover other things, especially at this age. And not stay with the same or in the comfort zone.

-In fact, you’ve auditioned for a musical…

-And in that audition I did well and then I did Gamesin theater.

Music, for now, is not a path

Tomás "Toto" Kirzner (center) is the villain of "Tierra Incógnita", the teenage horror series that Disney + premieres on September 8.

Tomás “Toto” Kirzner (center) is the villain of “Tierra Incógnita”, the teenage horror series that Disney + premieres on September 8.

– Is music something you consider in your choices?

-Perhaps in some castings where I have to sing they ask me if I play an instrument, and it is the bass. But I don’t have in mind to venture down that road or It’s not like I’m going to release an album next year and I’m going to be at the Movistar Arena.

And he clarifies: “But it is something that I have very present as every person on planet earth who loves music. I have my grandfather, Leibele, from my father (Adrián Suar), who was a very important melodic singer of the Jewish community.

-You must have grown up listening to their stories.

-Yes, unfortunately, because I would have loved to hear them in the first person from him, but I never met him. So all those stories are from other people who told me. I would have liked to meet him. And now all I have left are his records.

Tomás does not underestimate the “no”, but he knows, despite his young 24 years, that nothing is so decisive.

“I always have the yes or the no. But for this villain I was very confident because I saw myself for the role. And when the yes came, it was total madness!”, relives about the selection process, virtual and face-to-face, which included at least five casting stages. “Have they ever told me: Oops… you’re going to do this and you have such a good face. Although never from the side: it will harm your career.

-Does it happen to you often?

-It’s not that they tell me every day and it’s not something that bothers me either. For me it is part of the actor, of being able to transform. And that they give you that opportunity without prejudging. But it has happened to me in some castings that I have had to go to do something else, nothing to do, and they told me.

-For example…

-Anyone that has stayed between my eyebrows? You know I don’t have one. Because I am not a spiteful person. Maybe I get very frustrated at the time and then I forget. I kind of make a wastebasket, a paper roll and throw it in the trash. I’m not going to die nor will it be the last role I play in my life. At the beginning, maybe I had more insecurities, but today, when I am 62 years old, that’s it.

A “Tim Burton-style” park

Among the exploits of the art team of unknown landthere is the heart for which the plot beats: the construction of a theme park, in a former military factory that has fallen into ruin. “They had shown us the plans before, but I did not imagine that magnitude,” Mora and his companions are honest.

“There were hectares and hectares of an abandoned amusement park and six kids who couldn’t believe it. Between potholes we find an incredible abandoned laboratory. With authentic jars, file folders, old soda bottles, tunnels and even books next to broken windows, which were neither dirty nor wet”, they add.

In this fantasy arsenal, each location of the series made by Non Stop and with an Argentine cast, gave away its mystique.

We recorded at night and many were abandoned places. Like a mansion in a vacant lot in San Vicente, which had behind it the story of Felicitas Guerrero, of families and murders, where she felt a very dense energy, ”says Maurizi, a former Violetta.

And Lepera concludes: “I was teleported to that Tomi who used to watch a lot of TV movies. Tim Burton. To be there and feel part of that world freak and creepy of the genre. In fact, I started watching horror movies after doing the series, but from a more technical point of view.

Toto Kirzner and his father Adrián Suar.  instagram photo

Toto Kirzner and his father Adrián Suar. instagram photo

The cinema route and a trip to Jerusalem

On the movie route and with more “backpacks” than the good ones, Toto Kirzner, an actor trained with Nora Moseinco, swells his chest.

“I wanted to make movies and luckily Rodrigo Fernández Engler called me. The film is going to be called The night I fought against God and it was totally crazy. We traveled to Córdoba where we shot for a month with an extraordinary team”, he anticipates about his first leading role on the big screen.

It is a film based on real events that was triggered by the AMIA Attack. “We are missing two scenes and for that we have to schedule a trip to Israel in September,” he clarifies.

-Does it motivate you to travel there?

-I don’t know and it moves me a lot. I have some friends who went to live there for a while and they told me it’s amazing. Going to the old city, to Jerusalem, must be tremendous.

-Have you never been given to make a spiritual or experimental trip?

-I would like to schedule a diving trip that interests me a lot and I love getting into the water. It’s something I think about from time to time, but I don’t know if I’m going to do it this year or maybe next year.


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