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The story behind the candy vendor in Danna Paola’s “XT4S1S” video

The candy vendor who appeared in Danna Paola's video (Photo: Instagram)
The candy vendor who appeared in Danna Paola’s video (Photo: Instagram)

Danna Paola recently launched the video of his new single “XT4S1S” that has had a good reception and also given something to talk about. On this last day, all the attention was sweet seller who participated as an extra.

To make the video of a wild party, the producers used the facilities of the Allende station of Line 2 of the Mexico City Metro.

As they commented through social networks, they wanted to include in the story a candy vendor who was outside the bathrooms of the club to provide the protagonist with narcotics that intensified her emotions that night.

Candy seller (Photo: Instagram)
Candy seller (Photo: Instagram)

However, instead of hiring a professional model or actress, they opted for hire a real candy seller. The woman sells her candies and cigarettes in the Historic Center and was contacted when she was at her stand to be part of Danna Paola’s video project.

“We needed to cast the role of a woman selling Danna a psychedelic candy, so when we visited the place, we noticed a woman selling candy across the street,” recalled Edgar Esteves, director of the video clip.

moments before leaving the site they decided to approach the seller to make the formal proposal and that it be part of the history of the video clip of the interpreter of “capricious”.

“We were about to leave and I told Mona Moreno Fernández [productora del video] that she was our girl, that she wanted the woman to play the part; if she agrees i would like to choose her. She said yes, so we did. She looked so beautiful.”

For the role in the video clip the candy seller would have received 35 thousand pesos, as reported on social networks. Although the woman’s name is unknown, his story and portrait has gone viral and a topic to talk about.

Edgar Esteves commented on the Instagram post that he wanted to share his knowledge and this anecdote because he sees it as an opportunity to help other audiovisual creators, leaving behind the envy within the community and hoping that any other can get to where he is now.

The video already put together over 1.5 million views on YouTuberanking among the top five music trends in the region on the platform.

Danna Paola caused controversy in the presentation of her video, which has been pointed out as an invitation to substance use (Photo: File)
Danna Paola caused controversy in the presentation of her video, which has been pointed out as an invitation to substance use (Photo: File)

Internet users have said in the comments of the publication that they are happy for the salesperson who was hired and because they didn’t use an actress for the roleas well as that they would like to see her in other productions.

“The joy of being in the right place, at the right time and with the right people!”, “In a few years you will have a beautiful story to tell your grandchildren”, “How beautiful, I am glad to see girls like that in videos and break the stereotype”, “This is the image of an empowered woman”, were some of the comments from social network users.

Danna Paola said on her social networks that she was proud and happy about the video, so he thanked the production team for all their work. “It is a very magical audio visual journey that took many weeks to get to today, but above all we enjoyed it very much! WE KILLED IT!”


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