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The stock market was also affected by the separation of BTS

because of the earthquake declaration of separation or temporary rest The experience of music group BTS was felt this Tuesday, June 14 on the Seoul Stock Exchange, with the company representing the band falling 24%, and throughout South Korea, where fans and executives are orphans what it was until now. Its Chief Cultural Ambassador,

The announcement came in the most unexpected way, in a video posted on the YouTube platform around 9:00 p.m. South Korean time (12:00 GMT) on Tuesday, in which seven of its members were seen having dinner together on the occasion. was. 9th anniversary of the bandWhich was completed just a day ago.

During the recording, produced at BTS Festa, the annual online event with which the group celebrates its anniversary, the seven recount their experiences together and, slowly, begin to underline how tired they are and how it is. to leave They need to focus on their personal projects,

The message has actually created enormous confusion that has forced Haibe, the communications company that created the group and still represents the group, to pull out, summarizing a statement that “BTS isn’t taking a break. Its members will focus more on their personal projects.”

BTS on a tour of the White House in the United States.  Reuters photo/Leah Millis

BTS on a tour of the White House in the United States. Reuters photo/Leah Millis

This indicates secret communication The band will leave joint musical projects for some time, But it will continue to produce audio-visual content for websites and social networks or to participate in promotions.

hit the stock exchange

Either way, listing the company founded by producer and songwriter Bang Si-hooku Closed this Wednesday 16 24.7% below Tuesday’s close and during the day reached its lowest historical valuation140,000 won per share.

When Hyb – which until then operated with a different structure and was known as Big Hit Entertainment – ​​went public in October 2020, many analysts expressed their doubts about an asset that was traded on one of the few bands. Over 90% was dependent, which till then represented. , BTS.

The proof of this is that The corporation’s shares peaked in November last yearcoincides with the launch of HappenThe band’s latest studio album, and since then, has fallen 63.8% while awaiting BTS announcement of a new job or global tour.

It is true that Haibe has diversified its activities significantly over the past two years, that it has acquired new labels and Their portfolio of bands clearly has great potential, such as the recently launched girl group Le Seraphim.In addition to launching a global audition last week to find a new men’s outfit.

BTS fans weep as they hear the news of the band's possible separation.  Photo Reuters / Kim Hong-jiao

BTS fans weep as they hear the news of the band’s possible separation. Photo Reuters / Kim Hong-jiao

And above all, the company continues to explore new ways to Monetize your product beyond traditional industry channels.

Still, a horizon without BTS (or without BTS at 100%) leaves investors with a lot of uncertainty.

pleasure and pain

In addition to the confusion created, The video of the anniversary dinner brought sadness and happiness At the same time among ARMY, the band’s official group of supporters was mainly made up of women.

More BTS fans are crying out over a possible separation.  Photo Reuters / Kim Hong-jiao

More BTS fans are crying out over a possible separation. Photo Reuters / Kim Hong-jiao

Joey because, as many fans have commented on networks like Weavers, Seven will be able to take a break and stop dedicating themselves body and soul to something that, according to several members, Seems to have stopped pleasing them.

The level of honesty shown in the video by RM, Jimin, V, J-Hope, Suga, Jin and Jungkook was Something Unusual for the K-Pop Industry And also for BTS itself, who has given in-depth interviews to a media outlet over the past five years.

Although the message arrived edited and controlled by Haibe, The seven recognized how different they were And how difficult it has been to live together for a decade, they admitted they suffer from creative exhaustion, a feeling of not controlling what they produce or the pressure to please millions of followers around the world, and any such Confirmed to be suffering from the thing that most of them are suffering from. His countrymen: fatigue due to overwork,

The months ahead may, yes, work to resolve a thorny issue that has been on the group for the past two years., they need to complete military servicewhich lasts between 18 and 21 months and is mandatory for all able-bodied South Korean men.

During this, South Korea may lose its top ambassador for now (its seven members, in fact, have been issued special diplomatic passports), have today become a symbol of the extraordinary economic growth that the Asian country has experienced and as a giant launch of today’s so-called “soft power”. has been converted into.

Source: EFE / Andres Sanchez Braun


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