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The Squid Game director will be filming a film inspired by a novel by Umberto Eco

As he. is planning to step down to write the second season of squid gameA 2021 global hit for Netflix, Hwang Dong-hyuk is already thinking about his next project.

South Korean director will leave the world of series for a while to turn to cinema: he will film Killing Old People ClubA film inspired by the work of the famous Italian writer, essayist and intellectual Umberto Eco,

During a conference he said that Joon Young Jung—his producer at February Films—the director behind the bloody story at the global television content market, MiPTV, said that He has already written a 25-page first edition on the project and warned that it would probably also be “controversial”.,

Hwang Dong-hyuk and one of his creators, Kim Ji-yeon, with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.  afp photo

Hwang Dong-hyuk and one of his creators, Kim Ji-yeon, with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. afp photo

“It would be more violent” squid game“, Hwang joked about the new feature film, warning that “I may have to hide from older people when the release date approaches.” In addition, he announced that the provisional title is in the middle. Killing Old People Club either keo club,

“Squid Game” and Spielberg’s Praise

In another of his interventions at MipTV—a conference that takes place in Cannes, France—by this Wednesday, Dong-hyuk said he now plans to return to South Korea to write the second season. squid game,

The director described what Steven Spielberg told him about "The Squid Game".  Clarins Archive Photos

The director described what Steven Spielberg told him about “The Squid Game”. Clarins Archive Photos

He also warned that fans of the terrifying story will have to wait: If he manages to meet the set deadline, he expects the second installment — the first to have nine episodes — to premiere in late 2024.

He then recalled the praise he had received for the series, particularly from his idol and idol Steven Spielberg, whom he had met at the AFI Awards. “Steven Spielberg said to me, ‘I watched an entire season in three days and now I want to steal your mind! Hwang confessed.

He immediately stated that it was “the biggest compliment I’ve ever received, because (Spielberg) is my film hero. I grew up watching his movies,” he continued.

wait for more than a decade

The 50-year-old filmmaker from Seoul, South Korea, said he has started writing squid game in 2009, but he was forced to save it on his computer’s hard drive for all these years.

Three of the participants of "The Squid Game".  photo file clarin

Three of the participants of “The Squid Game”. photo file clarin

He envisioned that “in the near future, the right time would come to use the material” and that by the time that day came, he would have to devote his time to other ideas, such as the three films he directed over the course of ten years. years.

A short time later, Hwang showed the project to his production company, who “advised him not to do it in Korea but in the United States or any other foreign country, as it is more of a global show.”

When Netflix landed in its native country and began work in 2016, the filmmaker decided to propose the idea on stage, as he thought only the giant man behind Red Ann could deliver such a violent product. could execute, “and he could seek out other investors”.

It is clear that Don-Hyuk was not wrong. Since its premiere on September 17, 2021, it has become the most-watched series on Netflix, with over 142 million viewers worldwide, surpassing that time. bridgerton As the most viewed production on stage.


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