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The song that Belinda rejected and that Ángela Aguilar turned into a success

As we know, Belinda is one of the best-known artists in Mexico, having a long career in music, film and television, in addition to starring in several scandals for his private life. However, he has also stood out for making the right decisions regarding his artistic career.

Nevertheless, not long ago, it became known that the interpreter of Light without gravityrejected a song that Ana Bárbara wrote, for what ended up in the hands of Ángela Aguilarmaking it a musical success.

Thanks to Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, the song by singer-songwriter Ana Bárbara was not forgottenby making the decision to record his own version of the song, and release it in 2021.

What was the song that Belinda rejected?

In factis the subject that Belinda rejected and passed into the hands of Ángela Aguilarbeing one of the songs that positioned the young regional singer in the Mexican music scene.

Throughout these last years, Ángela Aguilar has become one of the most popular and beloved artists in Mexico, due to her style, talent and beauty. In addition to being born in a family of artists from several generations ago.

On Ángela Aguilar’s YouTube channel, you can read Ana Bárbara’s comment, being very proud of the young performer’s work, drawing the attention of several users: “It will be a success! I love you my girl”.

Secondly, Despite the comparisons that have arisen on several occasions between Belinda and Ángela Aguilar, both singers have a cordial relationship., being part of the Mexican music industry. So several comments about their relationship have been limited to rumours.

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