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The song that Alejandra Guzmán dedicated to Silvia Pinal after a tragedy

Definitely, Silvia Pinal and Alejandra Guzmán’s relationship has been one of the most controversial as it is one of the most famous families in Mexicobecause the Mexican rock singer is the daughter of one of the most famous divas of the Cine de Oro.

In Silvia Pinal’s bioseries, the moment in which Alejandra Guzmán was presented on the television program Siempre en Domingo with Raúl Velasco is even remembered.

As we know, Alejandra Guzmán’s first musical single was bye mom in 1988a production that was in charge of Peter Felisatti, being a song that the interpreter dedicated to the actress Silvia Pinal, after a tragic event.

Said single turned out to be a statement by Alejandra Guzmán about how she felt emotionally with her mother Silvia Pinal, after one of the tragic episodes that marked the life of the entire family.

The moment that marked Alejandra Guzmán to dedicate Bye Mama to Silvia Pinal

On October 25, 1982, Viridiana Alatriste Pinal, sister of Alejandra Guzmán and daughter of Silvia Pinal, died in a car accident.being one of the most tragic moments that marked the Guzmán-Pinal family.

Viridiana Alatriste was a Mexican actress who stood out in Mexican cinema and soap operas with productions such as La seduccion and Mañana es primavera in the 1980s.

Viridiana Alatriste was the only daughter of the marriage between Silvia Pinal and actor Gustavo Alatriste. Viridiana’s name was given in honor of the famous film that Silvia Pinal starred in 1961 under the direction of Luis Buñuel and where she met the actor, she was the younger sister of actress Sylvia Pasquel and older than Alejandra Guzmán.

After the accident that marked the end of Viridiana’s life, Alejandra Guzmán felt a detachment from her motherso she began to create her own life and professional career as a singer and actress, despite the fact that her mother did not agree.

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