The singer José Fors stars in

MEXICO CITY (El Common) .— If there was ever a time when nightmares besieged José Fors, lead singer of Cuca, it was when he dared to say sure to performing in a film.

The interpreter of “Cenit” and “El son del dolor” accepted the invitation of his pal Sandra Solares to star in “Ni tuyo, ni mía”, a romantic comedy within the position of a avenue musician, who at some point meets an government who studies that he’s cheated on by his companion, with hers.

“The nightmares were daytime,” jokes Fors. “I used to be very unhealthy in school with every little thing that needed to do with self-discipline, they by no means turned out properly for me and the cinema requires it. However Xan (Sandra) gave me an opportunity to say (the dialogues) in my very own manner. For me the essential factor was to grasp what she was saying and never use precisely the phrases that had been written, after all, generally it did occur to me, and he or she got here in to inform me to stay to the script, “he provides with amusement.

In her movie debut, Fors starred with Alejandra Barros (“Looking for Frida”) within the position of the chief; Tony Dalton (“Matando Capos”), as her husband, and Pakriti Maduro (“Havana Eva”), enjoying the musician’s companion.

The Tianguis del Chopo and the Plaza de Santo Domingo had been two areas required for the function movie shot completely in Mexico Metropolis and which premiered this weekend in nationwide cinemas.

The singer’s wardrobe was half supplied by the manufacturing and the remainder drawn from his wardrobe.

“Suddenly I would arrive with a t-shirt and Xan’s sister (Ana Solares, production designer) said: perfect, don’t take it off. I said to myself: ‘How can you do a good job without being an actor? Well, be as much José as you can. ‘ For me acting is a job and a lot of preparation because it is difficult to put yourself in someone else’s shoes ”, recollects the interpreter.

The director, in the meantime, emphasizes that one factor is to movie in El Chopo and one other, accompanied by Fors, as a result of individuals wish to be close to him and take pictures. In order that they agreed that they might first allow them to shoot the scenes after which give as many autographs as they needed.

“The band was good. In Santo Domingo (the place the character sings in a number of scenes) every little thing was extra managed, those seen there are our extras, in El Chopo we tried to guarantee that our individuals did encompass Fors and the digital camera in order that nobody would get in the best way “, says Sandra .

“Neither yours, nor mine” competed within the final Guadalajara Worldwide Movie Competition the place it discovered favorable feedback. The dialogues embody standard messages such because the one that folks don’t change however that they make themselves recognized or that Alejandra’s character in her youth was humorous and time modified her conduct.

“It’s comedy and we laugh, but there are moments of infidelity, feelings, reflection, friendship that comes out of a half-bogged place,” Sandra considers.

“All of us, in cases like this, must assume responsibility; not saying ‘you did this to me, I’m the best’, the difference is in how you get ahead of an infidelity ”, provides Alejandra.