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Monday, October 3, 2022

The singer Ana María Sánchez dies, who was excluded for being physical

  • Famous singer dies after a long fight against cancer
  • Eldense soprano Ana María Sánchez has died at the age of 63
  • “Elda loses one of her greatest and most important artistic figures”

Ana Maria Sanchez dies. The music has dressed in mourning, for the sensitive death of a renowned singer who managed to win the hearts of her followers who today mourn her departure. The terrible news was released this weekend and they mentioned the terrible disease that she was fighting.

This is the famous Spanish singer better known as the Eldense soprano, Ana María Sánchez who unfortunately passed away this Saturday, September 17 at the age of 63. This due to a long illness, cancer, as reported by the Efe Agency.

Eldense soprano Ana María Sánchez dies

Eldense soprano Ana María Sánchez dies

According to information from the Efe News Agencythe funeral chapel is located in some rooms of the Elda-Petrer funeral home and the funeral of the famous Spanish singer is scheduled for this Sunday, at certain hours of the afternoon in the Santa Ana de Elda parish.

It is worth mentioning that in this year of 2022 hundreds of deaths of celebrities have been announced that marked an era in their career. Millions of Internet users have been dismayed to see that one of their idols has left forever and send their condolences to relatives and acquaintances.

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