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The Simpsons will feature a deaf character for the first time

popular cartoon series simpsons (The Simpsons) will tell, for For the first time in 33 years of historyWith a deaf character, that would require the use of sign language, according to CNN.

Although the characters in the show only have four fingers, will use american sign language In this unprecedented episode that takes place next week.

According to US Network, executive producer Al Jean said, “It’s very hard to do a first episode like this after 722 episodes. But I couldn’t be more excited about it.”

Lisa Simpson was already in this series with Michelle Obama.

Lisa Simpson was already in this series with Michelle Obama.

Lisa Simpson, The Axis of Chapter

the title of the episode is bleeding gums (the sound of bleeding gums) and focuses on the character of Lisa Simpson, one of the daughters of the famous family.

Lisa learns that her favorite role model and musician, the late saxophonist Bleeding Gums Murphy, is a deaf child who needs a cochlear implant, Lisa is tempted to try to help her son, Monk Murphy.

The Simpsons will include a deaf character in the series' plot.

The Simpsons will include a deaf character in the series’ plot.

the plot of the case Inspired by the life of Lonnie Steele Soothhand, Main author of the series.

“Lonnie proposed to Bleeding Gums Murphy’s son into a man who was born deaf and could never hear his father’s music,” Jean told CNN.

consultation with experts

Soothhand also explained to the network that the show’s producers consulted two sign language experts to review the animations and ensure that, despite the fact that the characters’ fingers were missing, the meaning of the words was correctly expressed,

According to Sousthand, the episode was for her and was a work done with “love” and very “personal”. In a family that loves jazz music, his brother Ellie has a hard time hearing.

coda case

Code.  The film is about a deaf family and won three Oscars.

Code. The film is about a deaf family and won three Oscars.

codaA film based on a deaf family whose daughter is the only one who hears well, comes from Jeet three Oscars (Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay—for director and screenwriter Sean Heder—and supporting actor for Troy Kotzur in The Last Feast.

Despite the sentiments of the entire film team and acceptance of the subject’s inclusion in mainstream film, criticism from deaf associations soon followed.

In interviews and on social media, some deaf people and hearing children of deaf adults, known as CODAs (children of deaf adults) and children of deaf parents, also hear, they say they feel lonely,

Although he hopes the moment will lead to better recognition and more representation across Hollywood, he says the film c.sees deaf people from the point of view of hearing His approach to interpretation for the deaf and its relation to music, among other problems.

In some cases, this “auditory gaze”, as some have called it, gives rise to scenes that may resonate with a hearing audience, but are also meaningless or disturbing to a deaf audience.

harmful message

Deaf media critic Jenna Beacom, who often serves as a consultant on writing projects with deaf characters, says she wishes the film “won every award.” But he added: “There are a lot of hurtful messages in this movie.So this is a struggle. I do not want such messages to come to light. I don’t want them to take root.”

Source: EFE


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