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The Simpsons predicted the famous film “Don’t Look Up”. Is he real

 The Simpsons predicted the famous film

Fans of the animated series have noticed a strong resemblance between a 1995 episode and the Netflix tape.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.- The simpsons Not only is it considered to be one of the greatest series of all time, but it has also been called Cartoon that can predict the future Well, fans say that in its more than 300 episodes prophecies were revealed that the whole world has fulfilled.

Now, The simpsons You have been chosen as a source of inspiration – or prediction – for one of the most critically acclaimed films since December last year (2021) and January this New Year (2022). By assumptions we mean “Don’t look up” (“Dont ‘look up”) premiered on December 5th on the streaming platform.

The Simpsons Predicted The Famous Film &Quot;Don'T Look Up&Quot;. Is He Real - Light Home News
The similarities shocked fans of the cartoon

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Did the Simpsons predict the movie “Don’t Look Up”?

The plot of the hit Netflix film has begun, comparisons with the Episode 14 from season 6 of The simpsons: “Bart’s Comet,” a chapter that premiered in February 1995 and in which how the film stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, It shows how a comet is about to destroy the world.

In the episode of the animated series it is shown when Bart finds a comet baptized in his name in honor of the discovery he made. His discovery made the son of Homer and Marge Simpson infamous in Springfield.

His unusual discovery begins to cause concern, however, when his sister Lisa and her “genius” friends realize that the comet poses a threat to Earth as it is rapidly moving towards the planet to meet it.

“Don’t look up” tells a similar story to the episode The Simpsons?

The comedy produced by Netflix tells the story of two astronomers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence) who after the discovery of ‘Kate Dibiasky’ try to warn the US government that, according to their calculations, a Kite will crash on the earth in six months and the likelihood of ending humanity is very high.

Although the animated series and the film seem similar in principle, there is one big difference in the episode of The simpsons, the people of Springfield You take the approach of the comet very seriously unlike the Americans.

Another very similar point is the apparent solution they chose to kill the comet. In both the series and the Netflix tape, they fire a missile at the celestial body, but in either story, their attempt doesn’t go as expected.

The outcome of the stories is completely different, however, as the comet from The Simpsons self-destructs upon entering the atmosphere. During the film “Don’t Look Up” the director managed to awaken the audience’s conscience.

If you want to double check that The Simpsons predicted the shocking story that “Don’t look up” presents, you have to see the tape that will surely make you think about the future.

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