Home Entertainment The Simpsons predicted Richard Branson’s flight into space

The Simpsons predicted Richard Branson’s flight into space

The Simpsons predicted Richard Branson's flight into space

The millionaire British businessman took the first flight with passengers into space last Sunday.

America.- the Simpson Once again he predicted a historical event. talk now space travel British businessman’s Richard Branson.

Richard Branson confirms The Simpsons predicted it

Via a publication on Twitter created by Virgin Atlantic Co., which is part of the Virgin Group consortium founded by the actor, who is in charge of sharing. An excerpt from an episode of The Simpsons in which you can see a character resembling Branson, Inside what appears to be a rocket ship.

With the publication of this illustration compared to an image of Richard Branson, how the airline confirmed that The Simpsons can “see” the future.

This was the first flight to space with passengers

last sunday July 11, 2021, Richard traveled to space VSS Unity Aircraft, who became First Flight from your company special tours Virgin Galactic. The flight successfully took off from the Spaceport America base in the desert of New Mexico, United States Live broadcast.

Richard Branson Traveled with five crew members. The spacecraft was lifted to an altitude of 15 km, later detached from the VMS Eve spacecraft and climbed to the limits of space until reaching 89 km. Journey lasted 90 minutes.

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