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The series This is not a hotel proposes an attractive change of role between mother and daughter

The series This is not a hotel proposes an attractive change of role between mother and daughter

“Cheating is a vintage verb, Mom,” says Juana in one of the first episodes. His mother, Julia, answers him without hesitation for a second: “No, he’s a millennial.” That dialogue is a good summary of the spirit of This is not a hotel, the fiction co-produced by Flow and UN3, the channel of the National University of Tres de Febrero.

The series, with a script by Dana Crosa and directed by Andrés Proaño Mattioli and Crosa herself, comes from participating in the prestigious Canneseries, the Cannes series festival.

Argentine production, which has eight episodes of just over 10 minutes, dive into the life of Juana (Dana Crosa) and her mother Julia (Mara Bestelli). The starting point of the story is the separation of the mother from a rather harmful bond and the search for refuge in her daughter’s house: an apartment of 55 square meters in which they will coexist throughout almost all of history.

The Fiction Of The Un3 Is Written, Co-Directed And Starred By Crosa, In The Role Of Juana.

The fiction of the UN3 is written, co-directed and starred by Crosa, in the role of Juana.

The world of cinema and series is full of stories that explore the complex mother-child bond. In any case, the focus here is not only there, but mainly on the new ways of connecting.

On the one hand, there is the mother, numb with loneliness after a separation. On the other, the daughter and her generation in their early twenties, who try to escape the mandate and navigate between polyamory, open couples and other attempts outside of traditional schemes.

The forced coexistence of mother and daughter will force them to be very close and put both of them under tension. “Truths”. “I still believe in love. The world is another. The world changed and I am left out. Now you have to be modern, sleep in bed outside, accept infidelity and be unfaithful”Says Julia.

“We are trying another way to bond,” argues her daughter, who does not proclaim those bonds like a bed of roses.

The episodes are loaded with a humor without fanfare and they work as a result of the good chemistry of Crosa and Bestelli, which take a good part of the scenes. In addition, except for some vignettes of actors speaking to the camera that are not very consistent, the series avoids solemnity.

The Series Addresses, With Humor And Subtleties, All Kinds Of Links, Beyond The Maternal.

The series addresses, with humor and subtleties, all kinds of links, beyond the maternal.

In his script, Crosa does not seek the truth of his generation over that of people his parents’ age. Confront ideas, put them in tension and question them. “I have been wondering why in a self-proclaimed free bond I have been feeling very bad. What the hell do we call freedom? ”He says in a passage from the series.

In one of the episodes, Juana tells her mother: “When you grow up, you will understand what I tell you”. It’s not just funny because of the obvious role reversal. Too calls into question the multiple ways of loving each other.

Which generation can claim the truth about bonding? Who has the “post” on how to put together a healthy “we”? The series leaves these questions floating without stopping talking about the care of the other and pay tribute to mother and daughter relationship.


Qualification: Good

Dramatic comedy Protagonists: Dana Crosa and Mara Bestelli Creation: Dana Crosa Issue: Channel UN3 and Flow. Duration: eight episodes of ten minutes.

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