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The sequels to blockbuster movies that were riddled by critics and fans

Some movies have received terrible reviews (Photo: Toy Story 4/Star Wars IX/ Rocky)

The cinematographic world has given several jewels to the most assiduous followers of this art over the years, whether they are romantic films, animated films, science fiction and a host of genres that have marked several generations. However, just as prestigious successes have emerged, some sequels have left much to be desired, either for its plot or visual effects.

That is why we show you below the films that neither the international critics nor the followers of the originals saw as good.

Toy Story 4

Forky is one of the newest characters in Toy Story (Photo: Toy Story)
Forky is one of the newest characters in Toy Story (Photo: Toy Story)

The cowboy Woody and his dude buzz lightyear they have been two of the most beloved characters he has created Disney in the last decades. Well, who could forget the intrepid adventures that the two toys went through with their friends and with which they understood concepts such as companionship, love and growth.

Thus, although for the third installment of this franchise, the closure seemed announced, since Andy-owner of the dolls- had grown up and was ready to go to university, in addition, the dramatic moment where the entire gang of toys is almost incinerated in a dump, the company surprised in 2019 by releasing the fourth film.

The introduction of characters like Forky or the development of Bonnie, the girl who is left in charge of Andy’s toys when he is heading towards adult life, posed a new opportunity for the regulars of this series of films; but, after its premiere, the situation became very different and negative reviews were not long in appearing.

critics like Peter Bradshaw in Guardian did not hesitate to point out that, despite the existence of “some beautiful lines” or some “allusion to classics of Hollywood What strangers on the train of hitchcock, the delivery was somewhat unoriginal.

The improvised toy was key to the plot of said film (Photo: Screenshot)
The improvised toy was key to the plot of said film (Photo: Screenshot)

“This film fundamentally repeats itself: it repeats characters, ideas and plots, even if it does so with optimism and charm (…) It’s absurd to start complaining about implausibility in a movie about magical toys, but for the first time I felt a kind of evasion or even dishonesty in the franchise of toy storywere some of the comments that the expert gave about the film.

Also, the response from viewers was not entirely pleasant and some even stressed that the existence of this fourth film was possibly not necessary.

“If we all agree, we can pretend that Toy Story 4 doesn’t exist”. “Toy Story 3’s ending was a perfect ending to the perfect Disney trilogy.” “I will always think that Toy Story 4 is out of canon, I finish so well in Toy Story 3″, are some of the opinions that abound in Twitter.

Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker

One of the canons in the science fiction film genre is the saga of starwars (Star Wars), which has immortalized names like Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia or Chewbacca. However, after so many successful deliveries, it was when episode IX arrived in 2019, when fans and critics ranted on against the creators.

Star Wars fans were not happy with the ending (Photo: Star Wars)
Star Wars fans were not happy with the ending (Photo: Star Wars)

And it is that, although the cast was renowned and had stars like Carrie Fisher -who died in 2016- Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) or Daisy Ridley (Rey), the most ardent followers were disappointed with the result that promised to be the closure of all that universe.

“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker could end the bad faith feud that has been going on in the last few movies. It is the ninth and final chapter of the saga that Lucas started and although it is likely to be a box office success, I can’t predict for sure if the fans will accept it.”said Owen Gleiberman in Variety.

Likewise, other negative comments that circulated around the tape was that he was accused of being fanservice, that is to say, that the creators preferred to satisfy the wishes of the public instead of giving coherence to the axis of the story.

Although endearing characters appeared, some critics classified the installment as "Fan service" (Photo: File)
Although endearing characters appeared, some critics classified the installment as “Fan service” (Photo: File)

“It’s fan service to the nth degree, and it’s enjoyable and satisfying, if not overly challenging. If you do not like me Star Wars: The Last Jedi because it didn’t fit the so-called canon, well welcome back,” Bill Goodykoontz wrote on Arizona Republicwhile David Edelstein of vulture noted:

The Rise of Skywalker is another one of those billion-dollar franchise movies where I felt embarrassed for the actors but also pleased for them, because the money is undoubtedly amazing and will presumably free them up to do things that matter to them.

Rocky V

One of the most important roles in the acting career of Sylvester Stallone was his role as Rocky Balboa, an endearing boxer who lives in Philadelphia, United States, and that during the films he goes through all kinds of vicissitudes, both professional and personal.

However, although the first installments of this franchise were a total success worldwide, after it was released in 1985 Rocky IV, The demands of the public were very high.

This was due to the fact that canon moments of the saga occurred during said film, such as the death of Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) at the hands of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) and the epic rematch in a final fight between Rocky and the Russian.

Rocky's fourth film was a success (Photo: CULTURA UNITED ARTIST)
Rocky’s fourth film was a success (Photo: CULTURA UNITED ARTIST)

But when Rocky IV was released in 1990, the reception was not as positive as the creators hoped. The plot was simple: the old boxer faces a new challenge which is to train a young man (this would work for him). reboot called believe), but at least for this installment, some of the components were not enough for the audience.

“Rocky V. it is almost universally regarded as the worst film in the franchise. There’s a pretty decent reason for this: it’s bad. It’s frustrating that it’s also bad, because it was the first movie to really address the consequences of being Rocky,” wrote critic Brian Grub. in uproxx.

Rocky IV was compared to the V (Photo: File)
Rocky IV was compared to the V (Photo: File)

For their part, social network users have also criticized the film, which is constantly compared to its predecessor.

I just saw the movie Rocky V (Rocky 5), i didn’t know it existed i firmly believe this is the worst movie in the rocky saga by far even rocky 4 is better than this crap”, wrote a netizen on Twitter.

Thus, after this tour, there are surely still some films that have caused bitterness in their most ardent followers, but that does not mean that a new film from these franchises may come to light and surprise them -or disappoint them- again.


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