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The secrets of Dream Theater, progressive metal pioneers who return to Argentina after winning a Grammy

Considered the pioneers of progressive metal, Dream Theater has accumulated multiple accolades since its debut album in 1989. Today they have sold 12 million copies of their albums, and they have fans all over the world.

According to keyboardist Jordan Rudess, “We don’t go to Argentina that often, but I perfectly remember the vibe at the shows when we played there. I have very clear images and the fans are great. We’ve played at Luna Park and recorded a DVD, so that there is quite a unique relationship between Dream Theater and Argentina”.

Keyboardist Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater.  Photo: official website

Keyboardist Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater. Photo: official website

The group will return to the country on Wednesday, September 7, as part of his Top of The World Tour, and will play at the Movistar Arena. Tickets are now available at www.movistararena.com

Currently, the American band has just won its first Grammy Award, in the category Best Metal Performance, for its song Alienfrom your work last year, A View From The Top Of The World.

The members of Dream Theater are James LaBrie (vocals), John Petrucci (guitars), John Myung (bass), Mike Mangini (drums) and Rudess, who performs in a Zoom chat from the comfort of home.

-I thought you would be in the middle of the tour, in a hotel.

-I’m actually at a friend’s house. I have a few relaxed days. A week ago we were playing in Japan and before that I did some solo shows. What follows South America.

“It was great to be back on tour”

Dream Theater live.  Photo: official website

Dream Theater live. Photo: official website

-How is this tour going, with such an intense agenda after the year of the pandemic?

-It was great to go out again. We did a stretch of shows in the US, then Europe, and then there was a break. We continue with concerts in Asia and now South America. It’s good to do things again! It feels very good.

-Many artists say that the public seems to be more euphoric, perhaps due to the months of confinement. Did you feel something similar?

-In many places without a doubt yes. I even felt it when I started my solo shows. people were very energized and demonstrative. It was clear that they really wanted to attend live recitals. People were tired of not going to shows, although there are places where people are still afraid to go to a concert.

Dream Theater.  Photo: official website

Dream Theater. Photo: official website

-What will the playlist be like?

-It’s not a mystery because a lot of people mention it online. There are many factors that we take into account when we put together the list, for example the duration of the show, because a festival is shorter than a show of its own. We also have a lot of long songs, so we choose which ones we’re going to do, to make room for the other songs. And we like to mix things up a bit so that there are songs from the new album and also old things.

Another important thing is that we don’t want to play any songs that someone in the band doesn’t like. If someone says “I don’t like doing that song”, it’s not done.

“We are not a band from the past”

Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess live.  Photo: official website

Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess live. Photo: official website

-You could tour only with your greatest hits, but nevertheless people receive new albums very well and even awarded them with a Grammy.

-When that happens, it’s the most. That’s why I don’t see the group just as a rock band that is successful, but we are very serious songwriters and musicians. I like that we’re not just a band from a glorious past, and I think it’s fair that it’s like that. There are other bands that are like that, like King Crimson, who no matter how old they are, they’re still very vibrant and cool music.

-When you make a new album, do you simply make songs, or do you start from a previous general concept?

-In general we hit ideas and concepts for the album. Each album has a different dynamic. For this last work we practically entered the studio without musical preconceptions, but we all had a lot of energy due to the pandemic and not having been able to get together. We made this album with a lot of passion and desire. I think the problem with Dream Theater is not that we run out of ideas, but that sometimes we have too many, so the challenge is to organize them.


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