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The rumor of Chabelo’s death begins to spread after the death of Queen Elizabeth II

  • Chabelo is dead?
  • After the death of Queen Elizabeth II there are rumors of death about the comedian
  • They claim it was replaced.

Chabelo death rumor. After it became known that “London Bridge has fallen”, a phrase that was mentioned after the death of Queen Elizabeth II last Thursday, rumors have emerged about the alleged death of the Mexican-American comedian Chabelo. The comedian has become a trend in the hours.

It should be remembered that over the years, Internet users have created several memes where both Xavier López, better known as Chabelo, could be seen competing with Queen Elizabeth II, who unfortunately lost her life. Both appeared in images in a supposed competition over who has lived more.

The rumor of Chabelo’s death circulates

The rumor of Chabelo's death circulates

The Mexican-American comedian is one of the best-known personalities in the entertainment world in Mexico, making himself known in his comedy programs and especially in his show “En Familia con Chabelo”, which was broadcast every Sunday morning.

Now, a rumor has emerged in which they mention that Xavier López has already died for a few years, and that he was replaced by someone identical to him. It was the driver Yordi Rosado who revealed that anecdote about the actor who also won the hearts of viewers in his outstanding performances on television, according to Free Press.

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