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Monday, September 26, 2022

The rudeness of Raúl de Molina to the singer and for which he had to go out and give an explanation (VIDEO)

  • During the red carpet of the Premios Juventud Raúl de Molina refused to kiss
  • A controversy erupted over what was deemed a “racist act.”
  • The driver came out to give an explanation

Several criticisms have arisen against Raúl de Molina after refusing to greet the urban artist La Materialista with a kiss at Premios Juventud. In a video that has become viral on social networks, the interpreter of “Desacátate” is seen greeting the presenter of “The fat and the skinny”.

However, he placed his hand on her shoulder to prevent the Dominican from approaching him. The driver of El gordo y la flaca explained in his program the reason why he did not let the singer approach him. His partner, Lily Estefan defended him, but some followers remain suspicious.

What did Raúl de Molina do?

What did Raúl de Molina do?

In the recent delivery of the Youth Awards that took place last week, Raúl de Molina sparked a controversy when he rejected the urban music singer La Materialista. In the video it is clearly seen how he puts one of her hands on the interpreter’s shoulder and tries to get her away from her.

A video is circulating on social networks where the presenter openly tells La Materialista that he is not going to kiss her for fear of contagion and makes her back. “I’m not kissing anyone because of COVID,” he mentioned to the singer as she leaned in for a hug and a kiss. FILED FROM: Profanity Raúl de Molina

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