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The romantic photo with a dedication from Diego Boneta to Renata Notni

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Diego Boneta showed off his love for Renata Notni (Photo: IG @diego)

Diego Bonet Y Renata Notni Rumors of dating began to arouse at the beginning of the year, however, it has been speculated that their relationship began at the end of 2020 with a very low profile.

The actor who played Luis Miguel for Netflixshared a photo with Renata, in what appears to be a house, with a beautiful bougainvillea bush in the background.

In the publication they appear passionately kissing and he wrote “Wherever you are (emoji heart)”, which means “where you are”, to which the actress replied with “Love (heart emoji)”.

So far, the image has more than 100,000 likes and 331 comments, in which the support of various media personalities towards young people in love stands out.

“Love”; “Love you guys (I love you guys)”; “photo beauty”, were just some of the outstanding comments.

While the fans commented things like: “They are my favorite couple”; “beautiful”; “I love”, “get married now”; “Long live love”.

Lately, rumors about a possible wedding between the actors It has given a lot to talk about in networks, since they spend it traveling and sharing their romantic moments with the followers.

And it is that just as Diego posted photos with her, Renata usually does it more frequently, since a week ago gave the followers a beautiful photograph of the sunset together with Boneta.

Renata Notni posted this photo with Diego Boneta (Instagram photo: @rennotni)
Renata Notni posted this photo with Diego Boneta (Instagram photo: @rennotni)

For her part, Renata Notni revealed for an interview with Wake up America, that he was very happy with his relationship and intends to enjoy each stage without thinking about the future.

“For now I’m with him and I’m happy but I am very focused on enjoying the day to day and thus not futurear or anything. I think that if the pandemic taught us anything, it is that the only thing we have is the moment and nothing, enjoying my work, my family, my friends and health above all every day, that we are healthy, ”he declared.

Similarly, Diego Boneta responded to questions about a possible wedding in the program Today and said that he was enjoying his time as a boyfriend but he was not closed to that.

“I go one day at a time and it’s kind of like we’re still dating and everything, but in some future of course. I am very close to my family, for me my family is super important and, at some point, totally, ”she expressed.

The actor joins Amazon (Photo: Instagram/@diego)
The actor joins Amazon (Photo: Instagram/@diego)

On the other hand, Diego Boneta has recently talked about his next projects as an actor and said he is very focused on it, as well as he would like to have a double to do several things at the same time.

“I’d love to have a clone and be able to do everything, right now I am very focused on my production company and we are developing several projects with my career as an actor (…) but music always ends up sneaking in one way or another,” he declared.

Likewise, Boneta responded to the criticism in which they assured that he was already pigeonholed in the character of Luis Miguel. He denied that assertion and recommended that they see his new movie.

“Let them see the father of the bride and tell me if you see Luis Miguel there or not. The one who sings those songs has nothing to do with the detachment of the character, they are songs that I enjoy and have enjoyed 16 years before making the series.

Speaking of music, he recently went viral when he was caught singing songs by Luis Miguel and several users condemned that he was singing out of tune and expressed not very friendly comments towards him.

“He stayed with the personality and character of Luis Miguel”; “Someone tell Diego Boneta that he is not Luis Miguel”; “The difference between a great and an average singer”; “No Auto-tune”; “He believed that it was really Luis Miguel,” some expressed.

To these comments the actor replied the following: “It made me curious because they didn’t release the other songs that did turn out well for me”.


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