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‘The Rings of Power’: Old acquaintances and new characters come to the prequel to ‘The Lord of the Rings’

today premieres the rings of power, the series that tells a story that happened many years before what happens in the literary trilogy of the British writer JRR Tolkien. Although he did not write the story that opens today, they were based on texts written by him.

MILLENNIUM spoke with some members of the cast of this series that premieres its first season today. The actors took extreme care not to tell spoilers Fortunately, during talks, there is much that can be shared without ruining the experience for anyone.

What is very clear is that there are certain characters, such as Gil-Galad, played by Benjamin Walker, who will live for centuries and centuries, as they appear until the times narrated in the original Tolkien novels. An enormous responsibility that the actor explained to us: “People tend to be attracted to different types of power, with Gil Galad there is an experience and a clarity of what is happening around. In the source material it seems that he is always a few steps ahead, while others are hiding in the shadows. He brings out the best of the people in him; being powerful is empowering, and he is like that. I like that about Gil.”

And speaking of containing emotions to achieve peace, which still exists in the Middle Earth at the beginning of the series, it is also a brutal challenge for Walker: “He recognizes that peace comes with a price and it is constant work. They (referring to the princes of the dwarves, Durin and Disa) have each other. They have a family. Gil-Galad is married to the future of Middle-earth. That comes with sacrifices. He will stay for a long time, we also explore how lonely that can be”.

Chatting with Sophia Nomvete (Princess Disa) is almost as fun as seeing her on screen. She is the princess of the dwarfs, a community that has a lot to teach others: she lives between the love she feels for her husband and her order, with a very emotional touch when things get a little complicated. . “We are happily married in the series,” he told us. We are a couple and we love each other. We are the ones who know each other best in the world. We know each other’s hearts, my character has a lot of firepower and I remember seeing so much of Owein as Durin IVthe character, responding to that in very beautiful ways.”

When asked about his strong and festive character, his answer was perfect, you will see why on the screen: “She doesn’t leave. Just like Latin women, she doesn’t leave anyone”.

The dynamic between the two of them occurs both in the interviews and in the story. When the question was for both of them, Owain Arthur (Prince Durin IV) tried to restrain himself to give the explosive princess his place. “I’m not going to talk because she’s the boss. I think what’s great about midgets is that although they’re different, they’re very human and they’re also working class. I identify with that and I know Sophia does too. From the moment we met we clicked; it was so easy to get into it and just have fun”.

“CI think that saying epic is not enough for something of this size. Something from such a different world is difficult to understand. That was my feeling just watching it. A huge show for the ears, the soul and the heart”.

for once first

While Tolkien fans recognize Pharazôn’s name as the last king of Númenor, Trystan Gravelle’s interpretation of this epic, and eventually recognized, character takes place long before the books. So here was a great opportunity for the actor. Especially when we discuss the fact that now a new generation will be able to see the first appearance of this great character.

It’s an honor to be able to do something like this. I remember a lot having seen The Fellowship of the Ring and how everything took shape; Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn, who seems to me the most cool that I have seen in my whole life, and to think that I can cause that to someone… with that, I have already done it in my life”.

And since the lives of the characters have different kinds of length, it gives the opportunity to create new ones like Arondir, a passionate and brave elf played with extraordinary ferocity by Ismael Cruz Cordova, who when asked about the intensity of his gaze when facing the love and danger told us: “CI think there’s something very true when you’re immersed in something, in the role, you can really project those emotions through the lens. That honesty reaches the audience. Then add to that these huge artists who are focused on their thing. Every element you see on the screen is teamed up with everything else˝.

And indeed, during the press conference and given any opportunity that this Afro-Latin actor with penetrating light eyes has, he clearly explains that no one should be worried about diversity in this series. He is always proud and could even suggest some moves of capoeria to pay tribute to its origin by mixing it with fantasy.

On how this man who steals the screen knew the universe of the rings, he explains: “I got into Tolkien with the movies and although I had to wait for him to get it on DVD, he blew my mind. They are simply worlds with such richness, he dreamed of them. It was never enough. And the good thing about the DVDs is that they had the bonus material, so I also fell in love with the art of making these movies.”.

Hispanic Address

The director is the Spaniard JA Bayona, who has made great films like The Impossible and A Monster Comes to See Me, among many others.

today premieres

This is the first season and it consists of eight chapters, the first two are already available on Prime Video.

more is coming

The second season is already being prepared and will again be filmed in New Zealand.


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