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The reunion of Angélica Rivera and Eduardo Yáñez 15 several years immediately after ‘Destilando Amor’

  • Filter photograph of Angélica Rivera with Eduardo Yáñez.
  • Equally actors meet again 15 a long time following the generation of ‘Destilando Amor’.
  • Could it be that they confirm suspicions of romance?

Angelica Rivera Eduardo Yanez. The unforgettable Angélica Rivera, who left a fantastic profession in Mexican melodramas and arrived at controversy right after being the spouse of former President Enrique Peña Nieto, reappears on social networks resulting in fantastic fury amid Net consumers with an sudden picture.

As we nicely know in the distinctive social networks we can come across an infinity of content material and even more so when celebs are involved due to the fact it will cause terrific controversy inside them. A photograph of the former Very first Girl of Mexico began to circulate just lately, showing up extremely well accompanied by her.

Angélica Rivera reappears on social networks

Angelica Rivera Eduardo Yanez

Even though it is not necessary for the identical stars to share what transpires in their lives, for the reason that they have eyes that get treatment of them everywhere you go, that is why various media are the kinds who appear ‘windowing’ stars demonstrating sudden times, this kind of was the case of Angélica Rivera, through Chamonic’s account in Instagram was that they showed a photograph of the actress with Eduardo Yáñez.

As soon as again the highlight factors to the everyday living of ‘La Gaviota’ just after a photograph was leaked where he appears with Eduardo Yáñez, with whom he shared the monitor in the effective melodrama ‘Destilando Amor’, elevating suspicions that they are possibly collectively. Submitted Underneath: Angélica Rivera Eduardo Yáñez.

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