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The red carpet of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: a date of surprises and unexpected turns

This is how the red carpet experience of the new Dragon Ball Super Super Hero movie was lived

The “orange” carpet, as the interpreters of the Spanish voices of Dragon Ball Super Super Heroarrived at CDMX on August 14 and brought with her the appearance before the fans of those who have given voice to the endearing characters of the saga for years.

The movie is officially coming to Mexican movie theaters next August 18which will tell the story of the Red patrol facing Gohan and the mister piccolowith the appearance of two supposed superheroes that they will seek to seize power and get rid of those who stand in their way.

During the event, the dubbing actors of “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero” lived on the red carpet with the fans and also gave them autographs and photos Photo: Lalo Cano (Infobae México)

During the event, multiple voice actors paradedwhich have been part of the stories in both anime and movies of the Japanese creator Akira Toriyama. Outstanding personalities such as: Rocío Garcel (bulma), Lalo Garza (krillin), Beto Castillo (Carmine), Arturo Castaneda (wiss), Luis Manuel Avila (Gohan), Octavio Rojas (Magenta), Miguel Angel Ruiz (Dr Hedo), between many more contributed details of the new animated film.

One of the most important presentations of the day was the presence of the actress Rocio Garcelsince it was received between shouts of emotion and applause, since it has been the person who has brought Bulma to life since the arrival of anime in Mexico in the 90s.

Rocío mentioned with great joy and nostalgia: “That’s my Bulma, i love bulma from the first chapter, since I started doing it, she is a charming character and she is an incredible woman in the series, she has gone through many changes and always has that classic character of hers, It’s so lovely and I hope that God will continue to grant me time to continue making it”, He commented to the applause of the fans who gathered on the red carpet.

Actress Rocío Garcel shared words full of love for her character and thanked fans for continuing to like her work Photo: Lalo Cano (Infobae México)
Actress Rocío Garcel shared words full of love for her character and thanked fans for continuing to like her work Photo: Lalo Cano (Infobae México)

When it appeared Lalo Garza thanked the fans and lovers of dragon ball being able to be present supporting his work during the carpet, since he considers that his work has passed generations staying in the history of manga and cartoons.

He shared that when he got the opportunity to voice Krillin again, he faced an extremely important and sad challenge in having to invite another person to perform Gohansince unfortunately the first voice actor who played him, Luis Alfonso Mendoza, passed away in 2020.

The Dragon Ball Mexico family welcomed Luis Ávila on the carpet with a commemorative jacket Photo: Lalo Cano (Infobae México)
The Dragon Ball Mexico family welcomed Luis Ávila on the carpet with a commemorative jacket Photo: Lalo Cano (Infobae México)

Luis Manuel Avilabest remembered for playing Junior on the Family P. Lucheis the actor who will bring Gohan to life this timehis process to be able to keep the role was full of effort and dedication.

exclusively with Infobae Mexico shared that the acceptance by the fans upon his arrival has been full of joy, support and beautiful messages on social networks. During the premiere the main actors joked with him mentioning that in that family he was not adopted and they also gave him little kick of luck so that the next premiere is a success.

He shared that it was a great opportunity for him and thanked the fans for the positive acceptance with which they welcomed the project.

The entire cast of the film shared the same opinion with Lalo Garza when thinking that the secret for anime to continue causing emotion in the public is that the story speaks to the heart of the people: “dragon ball is a franchise with which Latin America identifies for his representation of the fight for your ideals, never give upthe importance of friendship and the love to familyas they are universal values ​​that both Japan and Mexico share closely.

The connection with anime in Mexico was due to family values ​​and fighting for their dreams, since they are very important for the people of the country.

On the other hand, for Rene Garcia the secret is that the story is always current and with unexpected changes in the plot and in the development of the characters but always maintaining its essence. Giving Vegetta a voice has been one of the most important events of his life for himas it has given him the opportunity to have that approach with fans mainly at anime conventions.

The dynamism with which Dragon Ball develops is the key to continue attracting the public

The main cast mentioned that none of this would be possible without the assistance of the fans, because their work is by and for themThey also invited do not consume pirated content Well, that detracts from all the effort and affection with which they give life to the characters of Dragon Ball Super Super Hero.


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