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The reasons why Telefe prevailed in the August rating

One month more, one month less, balance time for the August rating then. According to data provided by Kantar Ibope Media, Telefe maintained its leadership, obtaining an average rating of 8.5 points in Augustwinning by a difference of 2 points over its direct competitor, the thirteenwhich achieved a rating of 6.5 points from Monday to Sunday.

When it came to putting names and surnames on the numbers, the most watched program of the month was The Argentine Voice (Telefe), with an average of 13 points.

In third place in the general ranking was The nine with 2.1 points, while America he was fourth with 2.0 points. Fifth was the Public TVwith an average of 0.6, then Net TV with 0.3 points and below everything was Bravo TV with 0.2 points.

"Genesis, the origin of everything": the Brazilian biblical strip is doing very well for Telefe.

“Genesis, the origin of everything”: the Brazilian biblical strip is doing very well for Telefe.

From Monday to Friday, telefe measured 9.2 points and won by 2.4 points over eltrece, which scored 6.8 pointsafter winning all three stripes.

It should also be noted that the figures are given in a context of low ignition; in fact, the lowest in the last four months.

Most viewed channels

1°) Telephone8.5

2nd) elthirteen6.5

3°) The Nine2.4

4th) America23

5°) Public TV0.6

6th) Net TV0.3

7th) Bravo TV0.2

Notably in prime time from Monday to Friday, Telefe won by 2.6 points over the thirteenand increased the difference by 1 tenth with respect to the previous month.

By staying on top, Telefe maintains its leadership and accumulates 56 consecutive months as the most watched channel of local open TV.

First, song and soap opera

When it comes to breaking down the global numbers, the clear dominance of the ball channel is appreciated, which took the podium from the first to the third step. Top of all Marley with The Argentine Voice (13.0)which despite its unquestionable success is closely followed by the Brazilian novel, Genesis, the origin of everything (12.5), brand new premiere of this biblical story that started with very good results.

Jorge Lanata, with his PPT, was ranked as the cycle with the highest audience in eltrece in the monthly balance.

Jorge Lanata, with his PPT, was ranked as the cycle with the highest audience in eltrece in the monthly balance.

Between so much leisure -to sing or get hooked on soap opera plots-, just in fourth place the news is filtered. There eltrece appears, with Jorge Lanata and his PPT (10.6), which thus ranks as the most viewed of eltreceabove even Guido Kaczka (The 8 million steps was 6th with 10.2) and Marcelo Tinelli and his sing with me now (7th, with a monthly average of 9.8).

The top ten of the month

1st) The Argentine Voice (Telephone), 13.0

2nd) Genesis, the origin of everything (Telephone), 12.5

3rd) fugitive (Telephone), 11.4

4th) journalism for all (the thirteen), 10.6

5th) Telefe News (Telephone), 10.4

6th) The 8 million steps (the thirteen), 10.2

7th) sing with me now (the thirteen), 9.8

8th) Zuleyha (Telephone), 9.4

9th) Mdq 2022 (the thirteen), 8.5

10°) The people’s news (Telephone), 8.3

10°) PH, can we talk (Telephone), 8.3

Marcelo Tinelli

Marcelo Tinelli’s “Sing With Me Now” achieved an average of 9.8 rating points in August.

August: turned down the ignition

The eighth month of the year recorded a drop in ignition among the 6 air channels compared to July 2022.

19.9 points was the accumulated activation by the 7 air channels in August 2022. Compared to July 2022, open TV activation fell 0.3 points.

Compared to August 2021, open TV switching fell 1.3 points.

The ignition achieved in the month of August is the lowest in the last four months.


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