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The reasons why Fernando Colunga and Sebastián Rulli rejected Ana Brenda Contreras

Definitely, one of the most beloved actresses on television is Ana Brenda Contreraswho in recent years has had problems returning to Mexican melodramas for different reasons: agenda, his health problems and the rejection of some leading men like Fernando Colunga and Sebastian Rulli.

As we know, Ana Brenda Contreras is an actress, singer and model of American origin, who in recent years gained more popularity by playing Cristal Jennings in The CW series, dynasty.

In addition, the actress began to work on a new facet of her career as a host, becoming an important figure, since her debut in 2005 with the telenovela love barrierlater duel of passions and subsequently Teresa.

Why have the leading men of telenovelas rejected Ana Brenda Contreras?

The rumors began from the production of the telenovela the unforgivablewhere Ana Brenda Contreras was the protagonistsince several actors had been selected to star in the co-leading role, but several refused to work with the actress.

In the case of Sebastian Rullithe actor refused to work with Ana Brenda Contreras because she had just finished recording the telenovela What life stole from meso he would have been too tired to continue another production almost immediately.

However, rumors indicate that the actor wanted to take a break from the cameras, because he wanted to spend more time with Angelique Boyer, since their relationship was beginning at that time.

Secondly, Fernando Colungaone of the most important actors of Mexican television also refused due to other work commitments. Nevertheless, Some point out that the real reason was that the actress was very young.

Since at that time, Fernando Colunga was 48 years old and Ana Brenda was 27 years old, so he considered that it was not suitable for his image or for the plot.

For her part, Ana Brenda Contreras revealed that she really wanted to work with both actors and clarified that she had no problem with her colleagues, even the actress has been caught in some events with both actors, proving to have a good working relationship, in addition to admiration for his career.

Ana Brenda Contreras finally shares credits with Fernando Colunga

A couple of weeks ago, Telemundo announced that Fernando Colunga would be the protagonist of the telenovela The Count: Love and Honor, where would share credits with Ana Brenda Contreras and Marjoire de Sousabeing a period story, a genre of melodramas with which the legendary soap opera actor is familiar.


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