julion alvarez

MEXICO.- The stains are so deep that nothing can clean them and julian alvarez knows it, because for more than three years the United States Treasury Department linked him to money laundering and drug trafficking, charges that darkened his career and alienated his relatives.

Julian Alvarez, on the US blacklist.

The singer has not been removed from the United States blacklist. In addition, many companies no longer wanted to work with him again because of his reputation, and his duets were rejected by artists of his genre.

Julian Alvarez and Christian Nodalu

In an interview with Suelta La Sopa, Julian was honest and said that he wanted to collaborate with Belinda’s fiancé, Christian Nodal, whom he sponsored when the latter was starting his career. However, he knows that the singer’s label will not allow him.

“Happy if you can, why not. I know full well it’s not possible, he’s with a company that … the same company wouldn’t allow it,” Alvarez said.

his godfather is engaged to narco

Julian Alvarez And Nodal.
Julian Alvarez and Nodal.

When Nodal was 22 years old, Julian got along very well with his father and decided to sponsor him. Thanks to this, Christian found diamond discs for high sales in Mexico and Central America.

Julian. Alvarez and El Canelo

Another friend with whom he broke up is a famous boxer from Guadalajara, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

“When the allegations were made, I personally sent a message to all my contacts saying: ‘See you there.’ I have many relationships with very public figures which unfortunately I know can affect them. Yes we lost, we lost touch, it’s been a while with Canelo”, he said.

Julian Alvarez And Canelo.
Julian Alvarez and Canelo.

connected with narco

The US government chose the singer for his ties to drug trafficker “El Tio”, as well as Rafael Marquez. Any company that has a relationship with the United States cannot be added to Julian until it is blacklisted. Nor can you enter that country.

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