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The reason why Edith Márquez could stay without walking again and canceled some presentations

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This August 10, Edith Márquez announced that for health reasons, she will not be able to appear at her concerts in August. The affectation that she presents would have even left her without the ability to walk.

In conversation with the Hoy program, Edith Márquez revealed that she underwent back surgery for which she is now undergoing rehabilitation therapy:

“They operated on my back because I had a problem with sciatica and the matter was very painful, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t even wear heels. In addition, he explained that his recovery has been slow, since the operation he faced is of an important delicacy, since it was in the spine.

“The truth is that I have been evolving very slowly and little by little because when they touch your spine you are already ‘touched’ in some way,” he explained.

Regarding her recovery process, the singer of various musical genres detailed the following, making it clear that her audience is her main motivation to face this medical situation:

“I’m doing physiotherapy, I’m swimming and I’m doing yoga (…) the truth is that it has been very worthwhile because today the people, as I always say, are the ones in charge and have me in a concept that I cannot fail then now I have paid my flat right”.

The famous Timbiriche singer explained the situation to her fans through social networks and also apologized to them for canceling her concerts, making it clear that she is interested in continuing her musical career, but for now, she needs to recover.

“Today for my health I will have to rest with intensive care so that I can be better every day. My doctors who have been treating me these days have ordered me to rest, following a strict treatment so that my health improves and I soon recover,” he wrote in a statement from his Instagram account.

The events would have taken place on August 11 in Tulancingo, Hidalgo; on the 13th in San Luis Potosí, on the 19th in Fresnillo, Zacatecas and on the 26th in the state of Aguascalientes.

In her statement, Edith Márquez mentioned that she felt sorry for having to put her health before her career. “I offer you an apology from the heart, but as soon as my health allows it, I will be with you again announcing the new dates where we will be singing together these songs that you have made hits,” she wrote.


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