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the rating of the interview

The day finally came when the interview that Wanda Nara gave to tell was seen the details of the love triangle that involved her with her husband, Mauro Icardi, and actress Eugenia “La China” Suárez. He spoke with no less than Susana Giménez, in the central hours of Telefe. The rating numbers showed the interest that this scandal aroused in the audience.

It was about a special program titled Susana: guest of honor. It was announced for 9pm but it started thirteen minutes later. The driver greeted, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and then Wanda came in: “I wanted to talk to you,” she told the diva on the phones.

Contact in France

At that time it scored 14.2 points, while The 8 steps of the million (El Trece) was at 8.4; Blessed (The Nine), at 4.2; The Mammons (America), at 1.7; and Uneven (Public TV), at 0.7.

Susana Giménez And Wanda Nara, With The Eiffel Tower In The Background.  Capture Tv

Susana Giménez and Wanda Nara, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Capture TV

It was 9:19 p.m., and the interview proper had just begun, for which Susana traveled especially to Paris, where he met Wanda at the luxury hotel Shangri-La. At that time it practically doubled the direct competitor in points, The 8 steps of the million: 13.7 to 7.5. For its part, Blessed reached 4.3, and The Mammons, 1.8.

Wanda gave details of how he discovered the exchange of fiery messages between her husband and the actress. He also said that he spoke with China to apologize for having publicly insulted her.

Minute by minute hot

At 9:23 p.m., the media-turned-businesswoman revealed that Icardi He had confessed that he had met China Suárez in a hotel in Paris. At that time, the rating climbed to 15 points, while The 8 steps of the million they were at 7.7; Blessed, at 4.5; The Mammons, at 2.1 and Uneven, at 0.8.

Susana Giménez Interviewed Wanda Nara About Mauro Icardi'S Affair With China Suárez.  Capture Tv

Susana Giménez interviewed Wanda Nara about Mauro Icardi’s affair with China Suárez. Capture TV

Susana was direct: “Did China and Mauro meet? I look like a mob, but it’s what I have to do today”. To which Wanda replied: “We both trust blindly in everything, I put my hands in the fire for Mauro, but I felt that there was a break. Later he told me that there was a meeting and that it was nothing. I think anything could have happened, but it is true that nothing happened ”.

At 9:31 p.m., the interview remained at 14.4, while The 8 steps of the million it was at 8.2; Blessed, at 4.3; the Vélez-Argentinos party (Public TV) in 1.9 and The Mammons at 1.8. A while later, at 9:38 p.m. Wanda and Susana obtained 14.9 rating points, while The 8 steps of the million it was at 8.4.

At 9:40 p.m. the same trend was maintained: the Telefe program climbed to 15.4 points, and the entertainment cycle led by Guido Kaczka, to 8.7. It should be noted that on Monday at the same time, Telefe News measured 9.9 points, while The 8 steps of the million I got similar numbers: 8.2.

The average

The Rating Of The Interview - Light Home News

After half an hour of talk, Susana summoned the culprit of the entire scandal, Mauro Icardi, to participate. The PSG striker sat next to his wife and apologized for his appearance: “I’m not fixed, I just came like this”.

But the interview would last very little longer: it was a first part, and to know the scorer’s version, you will have to wait a week, when it is available, as Susana announced, on the Paramount + platform.

The average of Susana: guest of honor it was of 14.8 points. In this way, comfortably won his fringe and it was the second most watched of the day, behind MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe), which started next and had an average of 17.3, which was also its highest mark in the last week.


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