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The rare disease that changed the life of Matt Smith, star of ‘House of the Dragon’

Currently, Matt Smith is one of the actors who has stood out in recent weeks for starring in the HBO series, House of the Dragonplaying Daemon Targaryen, one of the most controversial characters to have a tension with the character of Rhaenyra.

However, before landing the leading role in the prequel to game of Thrones, The actor became known worldwide for his participation in the series of Doctor Who and his portrayal of Prince PhilipDuke of Edinburgh in the Netflix series, The Crown.

For which he earned an Emmy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He also spent his time in the cinema with films like Mystery in Soho, Morbius Y state secretshave positioned him as a rising actor in the Hollywood industry.

However, before turning to acting, Matt Smith was diagnosed with a rare conditioncausing him to take a different path than he had planned.

What illness was Matt Smith diagnosed with when he was young?

Matt Smith’s true passion before acting was football. According to the actor, from a very young age he stood out for being a great athlete, managing to play inferiors in Northhamton, where later a talent scout took him to Leicester City, signing his first contract.

At the age of 15, he began to feel severe back pain, a condition that worsened, so some studies were carried out.. His diagnosis was cervical spondylosis, a degeneration of the vertical spine that does not allow him to make great efforts. Therefore, Matt Smith had to give up football.

“I was dissatisfied, I was so sure that playing soccer was what I was going to do, that it was very difficult for me to tell people that I had been diagnosed with this disease,” Matt Smith revealed to Desert Island Discs.

Despite going through a difficult time abandoning her dreams as a high-performance athlete, it was her drama teacher, Tery Hardingham, who told her that she had a talent for acting.

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