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The protagonist of “God is a bullet” lives as a vampire in Mexico (Photo)

The protagonist of

Mexico City, (El Universal).- They call him the king-killer in “Game of Thrones”, but During his stay in Mexico, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau lives as a vampire.

And is that for the tape “God is a Bullet,” which resumes filming in Mexico City this Tuesday, July 13, Danish actors and the rest of the cast have the most late night calls, over the course of seven weeks they shoot.

recording during the night

it’s tuesday night What would be the scenes in a hotel and its restaurant, Occupying a central neighborhood and following all existing health protocols.

“was done called nocturnal because history requires it, Yes, they’re all like vampires”, point out the members of the production.

Actors, actors and history of film

near 400 people integrate the feature film, including technicians, extras, cast and production Produced by Michael Mendelsohn and Patriot Pictures Company.

Based on the eponymous book by Boston Terran, The story follows a detective who leaves the police forces, To infiltrate the cult that murdered his ex-wife and kidnapped his daughter.

Filming at four institutions in Mexico

on tape Koster-Waldau’s character is helped by a woman who has managed to escape from the group. And they try to destroy its leader.

“God Is a Bullet” directed by Nick Cassavetes (“Diary of an Obsession” and “The Toughest Decision”) tours various entities such as Queretaro, Hidalgo, Mexico State and Mexico CityWhere they return only for a few hours.

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