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The project that will bring together Eiza González with Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna

Eiza González will perform with Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna (Photos: Getty Images/ Instagram/@eizagonzalez)

Eiza Gonzalez has become one of the greatest Latin representatives in the cinema of Hollywoodcarrying the name of Mexico high, because currently the actress with the greatest international projection has obtained allowing her to share credits in important projects with other legends such as Meryl Streep, Dwayne Johnson and Rosamund Pike.

Therefore, it is not surprising that other colleagues who have also succeeded abroad already considered it for their personal projects. The popular and renowned duo made up of Gael Garcia Bernal Y diego moon will produce an important project for the nascent streaming platform Star Pluswhich belongs to the company waltdisneyand they have decided that the also singer is its protagonist.

Although this time it is not a movie, as we recently saw in Ambulance Led by Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Eiza González is getting ready to return to the small screen with Machinea miniseries whose plot narrates the adventures of Stephena boxer -played by Gael García- who in the decline of his career his cunning manager, Andy -to which Diego Luna will give life-.

Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal have selected González as the protagonist Photo: Instagram/@diegoluna
Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal have selected González as the protagonist Photo: Instagram/@diegoluna

“It gives him the opportunity to get back in the ring, which could give him the necessary impetus to get back on his feet; However, to get to the night of the fight, they must face a mysterious force from the underworld, ”reads the official synopsis that the news has brought with a brief preview of both the cast and the production, which rumors point to which will have a large budget and for that reason the distinguished actress has been selected.

The soap opera actress for Televisa What True loves Y Lola, once upon a time will be in charge of interpreting Irasemaan ingenious journalist who aspires to dedicate himself to the sports source and that conceives boxing from a perspective more inclined to art. The character will have a leading position in the story, since she is the ex-wife of Stephen, for whom he still feels affection, in addition to being the father of his two children. He also has a deep friendship with Andywhom he has known since they were both teenagers.

“La Maquina” will mark the return of Eiza González to Mexico

“La Maquina” will mark the return of Eiza González to Mexico (Photo: Instagram)

This project is extremely important for the singer of pop hits like Masochism, you will remember me Y I am my destiny Well, with the news shared in your account Instagram She has also advanced that this will allow her to return to the land where she was born, since it is more than confirmed that the recordings will be made in Mexicoalthough there is no information yet on which city will be the official headquarters of the miniseries.

“@hulu @diegoluna_ @gaelgarciab Happy to tell this story with these two. And film in my country”, González wrote in the publication where he shares all the information about the project.

The positive response has not been long in coming on social networks, as this new triumph in her career comes after a series of interrupted events that have given her the title that decades ago was also given to the actress. Salma Hayeksince there are few interpreters of Mexican origin who have transcended in the world of Hollywood.

The actress has become one of Hollywood's favorites (Photo: Instagram/@eizagonzalez)
The actress has become one of Hollywood’s favorites (Photo: Instagram/@eizagonzalez)

“We know that the ‘winning like always‘ belongs to Belinda, her enemy, but the truth is that Eiza has more left, nothing good happens to her”. “A triad of super famous and popular people is going to represent Mexico from the top, very well there.” ”The platform is being born but it is Disneyso this is more than good,” they wrote.


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