Home Entertainment the programs seen in the last XL weekend of the year

the programs seen in the last XL weekend of the year

the programs seen in the last XL weekend of the year

With the Christmas holidays on Friday and Saturday, this It was the last XL weekend of the 2021 pandemic and the celebrations -among other more important things- impacted the television grid, which every year acknowledges receipt of a decrease in audience, mainly on the night of the 24th.

This time, the most watched from Friday to Sunday, and true to the measurements of the year, was the elimination gala of Masterchef Celebrity 3, in which the influencer Juariu left (she and Charlotte Caniggia were on the line). The broadcast of December 26, by Telefe, averaged 15.5 points, a figure more in line with the usual.

Sunday’s podium was all for the pelotitas channel, which had on the second step TravelChef, with 9.3, and in the third Done deal, with Lizy Tagliani 8.8 points.

Charlotte Caniggia Was About To Leave The Reality Show, But Finally It Was Juariu Who Was Eliminated.

Charlotte Caniggia was about to leave the reality show, but finally it was Juariu who was eliminated.

The most watched of El Trece was the Sunday special of 100 Argentines say, with 6.5, followed by the last issue of the year Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand, which scored 4.6. Then it was the turn of the weekend movies, a classic on the grid, with The survivor (4.4 points).

Sunday, both The nine like America had 1.2 as their highest mark: Relentless Y I live for you on the one hand, and I must say and the repetition of SMammon abbids, for the other.

The figures of 25

At Christmas, the top of the podium went to Mirtha’s night (El Trece), led by Juana Viale, who averaged 5.8 points, a figure that revealed that people had not turned to traditional TV. While it was the most watched, it was its third lowest measurement of the year, according to the statistics of the specialized siteTelevision.com.ar.

Far from the numbers of other Saturdays, the prime time Navideño gave 5.6 points to Telefe, 5.2 to El Trece and 1.3 to América.

&Quot;La Noche De Mirtha&Quot; Had A Low Rating, But It Was Still The Most Watched Of Christmas.

“La noche de Mirtha” had a low rating, but it was still the most watched of Christmas.

A not so good night for the rating

And as for Friday 24, the day on which most of the six air channels modified their usual programming, especially after 18, lor most viewed was the Brazilian soap opera Dulce ambición, which goes by Telefe. This time it rounded 7 points.

That day colloquially called “Good night” It was for Telefe regarding the podium of the day: first the telenovela that usually gives the channel good numbers, then Cut for Lozano (Verónica Lozano’s magazine, with 6.8 points) and in third place was another foreign fiction, this time from Turkey, Hercai, with 6.3.

Second in the general table by channels, El Trece had its own podium of “most viewed”, with Newscast Thirteen in the lead (5.3), Telenoche (with 4.6) and 100 Argentines say, the pandemic revelation with Darío Barassi as host, with 4.3 points.

The other air channels were well below their usual figures (there were several repetitions), especially in the most competitive time slot, which runs from 20 to midnight (prime time).

Between the preparations, the nightly celebration, the heat or the decisions of others about whether or not to watch television on Christmas Eve, the ignition of Friday 24 was very low, to the point that the most watched on Public TV was Argentine cooks, with just half a point average.

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