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The Prison Break actor admits he was diagnosed with autism after the pandemic

The Prison Break actor admits he was diagnosed with autism after the pandemic

The protagonist of Prison Break talks about his health condition, a disorder usually unknown to many.

USA – Actor Wentworth Miller, will be remembered by many for his leading role in the series escape from prison, turns out they just diagnosis of autism into full adulthood.

The actor who gave life”Michael Scofield“They talked about this situation through social networks. And although the fact that they were detected autism Sounds like devastating news, the actor referred to the situation as An “unexpected gift”.

He’s Known For A Year He’s Autistic

through a Video Which he shared on his Instagram account, the actor admitted that during the pandemic received the diagnosis that you have autism. But by now it was about to be about a year old that he decided to make his condition public.

“this autumn 1 year has passed since I received my autism diagnosis, Before a self-diagnosis,” explained Prison Break protagonist, who played Michael Scofield, the engineer who plans to help “Lincoln Burroughs” escape death row after being convicted of a crime he committed. did not do.

Wentworth acknowledged that the process of assimilation is not easy, as he is a “middle-aged man, not a 5-year-old boy”, but noted that the syndrome is “a privilege not many people enjoy. ”

Miller also commented that The diagnosis didn’t surprise him; “It was an effect, but not a surprise”, and because of the coronavirus pandemic he had time to explore and learn more deeply about the disorder.

Who is Wentworth Miller?

The actor rose to fame after starring in the Fox series “Prison Break” in 2005, after realizing it earned him a few roles in movies and series. He also had lesser appearances in some shows, but the actor made headlines later. gay come out.

Because of her sexual preference, in 2013 she turned down an invitation to the St. Petersburg International Film Festival because of human rights issues in Russia.

What is Autism?

NS autism Anda developmental disability who can affect the ability to communicate and interact socially, and is defined by a certain behavior set, According to the Autism Society of America.