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the pianist who discovered a productive and audacious outlet for the time we dwell with out concert events

the pianist who found a productive and audacious outlet for the time we live without concerts

There are still people who want to listen to whole records. It may seem like an ambitious decision to launch a box with five albums, but the reality is that since it was not possible to play in public, I recorded a lot of music ”, Hernán Ríos tells Clarion.

The pianist, who just released Coming back from me, a collection of five works that he will present for free and by streaming this Friday, October 8 at 9:00 p.m., on the channel www.youtube.com/rioshernan, says it just like that, without noticing the rarity of his bet in times of so much “intangible” production.

Against the trend of fashion in the record business, Ríos launched a box with five albums with recordings ranging from 2013 to this year. An artist who chooses not to abide by the times of the industry or of many musicians who release their songs one by one or, at the most, reunited in an EP.

Hernán Ríos Has Kept His Vocation For Sound Exploration Intact Since His Time In El Terceto.  Photo Press / Kunti Martínez

Hernán Ríos has saved his vocation for sound exploration intact since his time in El Terceto. Photograph Press / Kunti Martínez

“I agree that everyone edit their music as they see fit; we know that there is a huge audience waiting for a song or an EP to come out, but also there are people who enjoy listening to the album as a whole”Provides this musician who was a part of the remembered group El Terceto, with Norberto Minichillo on drums.

Ríos is without doubt one of the pianists who finest displays this seek for his personal type inside the music scene. Since El Terceto, within the ’90s, developed a free and artistic method to tango and folklore. It marked a takeoff from the traditional swinging method to those genres, which healthily pushed the boundaries.

A considerably dense type with a studied use of house and a depth within the message that place it as probably the most attention-grabbing artists in inventive music native.

Consequence of the occasions of confinement

The concept that Ríos permits to transcend is that it was not a premeditated determination to collect a lot music, however it occurred in a pure manner, because it was gathering the fabric and commenced to form it.

“For instance, I recorded the album of free improvisations in 2013; It was the time we had been recording the album with Facundo Guevara Query and query, and I stayed within the studio after hours. I sat down on the piano and these improvisations got here out and had been recorded and I took them to my studio “, recalls the musician.

And he goes back to: “Later, in 2018 and 2019, I continued recording with the concept of ​​saving the fabric to edit it in some unspecified time in the future. That is how a number of music was coming collectively. This 12 months, already determined to launch an album, I closed myself in March to file for 2 days. and what later ended up being two albums got here out. “

The Argentine Pianist Compiled His Own And Other People'S Material, United By His Personal Way Of Approaching Music.  Photo Press / Moris Santos

The Argentine pianist compiled his personal and different folks’s materials, united by his private manner of approaching music. Photograph Press / Moris Santos

When Ríos took the ultimate stretch in his choice, there was no going again: “I began working with all the fabric I had, I combined and mastered it and that was when I discovered that every one this music was sufficient for 5 information. I believed it was even a bit pretentious to launch them collectively, however I believe that is the way in which.

Removed from being overwhelming, Ríos mentioned that the returns he acquired are very encouraging. “It is an encouragement for musicians and encourages listening. As a unit, for my piano records I only kept the same title, Coming back from me, like the first one I released 21 years ago, “he explains.

A persistent and conceptual search

Ríos understands that the spirit of his work could be defined as conceptual. “Although they are solo piano, they have their particularity; although it is also part, in some way, of what I have done with El Terceto and with Facundo Guevara “, reflects the artist.

And he delves into that sense: “I am always in search of root music. Not only Argentine or Rio de la Plata, but also jazz music. In reality, it is to continue with the path that I have been traveling for so many years ”, affirms Ríos, whom nobody might label as a purist or a traditionalist.

“My search is to build bridges between roots and music; an openness that shows more affinities than borders ”, he provides.

Different, personal and international

Getting back from me understands: A black chunk (III), The stone and the water (IV), After hour (V), Postcards (VI) and Gathered silences (VII). There are 43 songs, of which 21 are unique compositions and fifteen improvisations.

“On the one hand, I recorded songs that have accompanied me all my life, such as Black and white portrait, which is the first track of Makeshift land, our first album with El Terceto. Something like a small tribute to that group so dear to me, “says Ríos.

At the same time, he focuses on his own compositions: “They arise from different spaces, from dive into folk rhythms, search through improvisation for a common thread and somehow transcend structures. The motivation is based on a certain musical element that can be a rhythm, a melody ”.

Among the many traditional engravings are variations of Lullaby for wine, by Gustavo ‘Cuchi’ Leguizamón; Janelas Abertasby Tom Jobim and Vinicius De Moraes; Stone and pathby Atahualpa Yupanqui; and Tatuagemby Chico Buarque.

The choice additionally consists of Cantinas musicby Leda Valladares and Ramón J. Castilla; The dizzyby Juan Carlos Cobián and Enrique Cadícamo; Zamba de Lozano, additionally from Leguizamón and Castilla; and Chelsea Bridgeby Billy Strayhorn, amongst others.

Relating to the presentation Getting back from me, Ríos determined in June to current it, however since every little thing was closed and with out the potential of summoning the general public, he determined to file it, as if he was taking part in it dwell and with folks, within the examine Dr. F.

“It will be a little over an hour of music; I do not speak at all and both the piano and the study sound very good, although in view of the current situation I hope that it will soon be able to do so with an audience ”, he concludes, and opens the door to a face-to-face premiere.


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