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The ‘painful’ deaths that Queen Elizabeth II experienced

  • They were unfortunate events for the Queen
  • They will be remembered in the history of the UK monarchy
  • Now she is part of the list

After the unfortunate news of the death of his majesty, the count of “strong” moments that the monarch of the United Kingdom lived during his 96 years have come to light. Today we tell you about the ‘painful’ deaths that Queen Elizabeth II experienced.

Her long age allowed Queen Elizabeth II to be part of unfortunate events such as the death of a close or loved one, so without a doubt her majesty had to see many important figures of British royalty die.

The ‘painful’ deaths that Queen Elizabeth II experienced

The 'painful' deaths that Queen Elizabeth II experienced

Without a doubt, the death of her father, King George VI, was one of the events that marked the life of the queen. Well, when her father died at a young age (56 years old), it was given way in advance for her daughter (Isabel) to take her place to reign over the English.

The facts were the era of a ‘new beginning’ because despite the deep pain felt by the loss of the king, there was now a new queen who would be willing to face the challenges that were imposed on her. On February 6, 1952, the Queen’s father died of a coronary thrombosis, according to Time.

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